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Birds and Angels (And Demons)

skoolmunkee at 3:42AM, May 3, 2006

(Chalupa) Chelano has posted his 100th Brutus strip! Go on by and get your regular dose of adorable yet semi-abusive bird antics!

Inkmonkey has just posted Elijah & Azuu's 1000th strip! That is… well, the only word I can think of to describe that amount is something like “whopping.” This particular edition features most (or all) of E&A's characters in a fanart jamoree. (And since Inkmonkey gave a home to Genevié of my old comic RDT, she's in there too, yay!)

Edited by Black Kitty

Just sneaking in a small piece of news: LAX Light Motion Dreams finally made the jump to Flash comic that features musical ambiance bulit into the page. I found this really interesting since I can't recall any other DD comic that does that. I know there are comics out there with Flash animation or uses Flash in general but with built in music? This is the first I've seen of that. :D Quite cool.



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