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Publisher Status

Volte6 at 7:29PM, Aug. 12, 2007

Hi everyone,

Just a quick reminder that we have something called ‘Publisher Status’ on DrunkDuck.

To qualify, all you need is 5+ comics at 20+ pages each. Then you'll receive a PQ offering the status up to you!

This snazzies up your profile page a bit to make it stand out, and provides a way to add “Publisher Links” to your profile. Coming VERY soon will be a couple other features that will hopefully help “DrunkDuck Publishers” get the work out on their material even faster and easier!

To see an example of the tweaked publisher status profile, just visit the Platinum Studios one…. Click Here!

[Black Kitty edits: I don't want to bump off Volte6's message so I figure I'll just edit this. Guess who was celebrating their one year marriage anniversary yesterday? :) Guess guess.]



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