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Does it smell like potatoes in here to anyone else?

skoolmunkee at 11:56AM, Feb. 2, 2007

Keep an eye out in the next day or two for a new Interview (under the News tab)! We might end up editing this line here when it is posted…

Aussie_kid's Enter the Duck is hitting 100 pages (and will also feature the return of an old friend to help our heroes, I am told)! As a joint announcement he is looking for a collaborator, so PQ him for details. :)

bazil's Rakina has also just passed 100 pages, probably because it has just come back from hiatus! Congrats!

fern is starting a new comic project, which is an interesting sort of stream-of-consciousness thing… more info can be found in its forum thread!

Another community project, kingofsnake is ramping up Comic Remix 2.0 and has a whole forum thread all about it, so go check it out!

Tommie Kelly has an announcement too!

I am getting ready to print issue one of THE END!

For the printed issue, I have some spare pages left, so I have a competition to run.

Draw a pin up of any of the characters or scenes from THE END and the best ones get printed in the comic. Every one who gets a pic printed gets a free copy of the issue as well!

You have a few weeks!

Send the pics in tiff or psd to info AT theendcomic DOT com (you should know the email drill by now). I'll post them here and on the main site!



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