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Zac and MrRiot do Civil War. The End.

skoolmunkee at 4:23AM, July 2, 2007

Sorry these newsposts are a bit belated, I wanted to leave the Black_Kitty announcement up for a few days. I hope that was okay. :) To read that announcement, go here. We are still collecting sympathy cards and any donations at this account for those who are so inclined. You can also leave your thoughts in this thread.

New Creator Interview!
This time around it's Zac and MrRiot of Drunk Duck Civil War (and what a pair they are). Here's a preview, but you can read the entire interview in this thread!

skoolmunkee: Care to fill us in on the Marvel thing, and where the DD Civil War ‘fits’ in that?
Zac: It was in there somewhere. It's basically Captain America VS Zac. I mean Ironman.
MrRiot: Well, the marvel one, this act goes into effect that superheroes have to register with the government. So we came up with it being DD members had to reveal their real names and lose their screen names. So we stared designing our “costumes” at WWLA… and Zac came up with this awful teal-colored suit for me.
MrRiot: You were stealing mine all weekend. Why not take a blue one?
JillyFoo says that The Planet Closest To Heaven will be 3 years old on July 3rd! She's also running a summer fashion design contest to celebrate (with good prizes like books and guest-comic commissions!) More info!

MagickLorelai's Ialus turned 1 year old on June 27th!

Used Books is now 200 pages long! (I'm sure there's a pun there somewhere…)

Everyone's favorite rockers Clench and Cheese are 200! Woo!

The Farm Story is 50 pages old!

Dumok's Monster Lover (rated A) is 25 pages old! (And incidentally, he is starting new issues of his comic Warmage as well! (also rated A)

therealtj is having a fun little promotion where his comic Bounty is on commercial break, and if someone wants their comic in one of the “commercials” they can PQ it to him!



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