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The Wii is EXERCISE disguised as a GAME!

SpANG at 5:00PM, Nov. 25, 2007

My arms are sore from boxing. Plus Red Steel is cool game, but annoying at the same time. But anyway…

Milestones and announcements!

A skoolmunkee appears!
The 200th page of Divine Leap was posted Friday!
The skoolmunkee ran away!

ShadowsMyst wants to let us know that Brymstone has reached 25 pages! Cool!

Nick has some great news!

Dribble For Kids has a b&w TPB now available through LuLu! Featuring the entire 6 issue Lord of the Sweaters storyline, plus a forward by Kevin J. Guhl (Detective Fork), and an introduction by yours truly. Here is the link!

Pieguy259 tells us that Stickman and Cube has turned 100! W00t!

andykiss4ever has just discovered that his comic Psychodialetical reached a milestone of 25 pages! Congrats!
That's actual story pages not including trailers etc. Don't seem like that long since I was wondering if I dare upload the first page. Its been a steep learning curve and I'm still attempting to climb.

evergreen announces that Evergreen Comics may now be 75 strips old, but it still retains it's pine fresh scent! Nice!

kohitsuji wants to let everyone know that The Brotherhood just hit a 50 page milestone! Excellent!

Rutger says that Arthur, King is turning 50 pages today! Royal goodness!

It's official, BONER AND PUNKIN turn 50 on Wednesday! Be prepared for a sweet page full of sweet art with all my sweet readers! YAY!

And flapjack1995 would like us to know that Button Bashers will have 25 pages soon! Hooray!

That's it for now! Don't let your fingers cramp up.



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