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Bug issue - some Firefox users not able to load any pages

skoolmunkee at 6:25AM, Aug. 7, 2008

If you are using Firefox (it doesn't seem to happen in IE, Opera, or Safari) and Drunk Duck pages aren't loading for you, or loading a few bits at the top of the page and not loading any of the rest:

Sometimes users are noticing “ of other stuff” as the bit of code the page is stuck on loading.

This is caused by some bad javascript in the ad circulation code. Platinum has got a programmer on it and they are working to fix it, hopefully it will be done soon.

This is not affecting ALL Firefox users, only some. We're not sure what the difference is, but I can tell you that I have a fully updated Firefox and I've not experienced the problem. You might try updating your Firefox and see if that works.

The temporary solution is to use a different browser. A bit of a cheap solution, but it works. You can turn off java in Firefox, which bypasses the ad code problem, but then parts of the rest of the site don't work.



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