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Monday Monday Monday!

skoolmunkee at 11:43AM, Dec. 1, 2008

Hey all! We've got lots of milestones today, so let's get right to it eh?

YO! Comix by mushroomcomix has reached 50!

Also reaching 50 is Mike and the Captain by Collin_Ran!

Nepath's Energize has reached 75 (76)!

Din Krakatau by Aurora Borealis has reached 100 pages, and “is slowly heading towards conclusion with the final confrontation approaching!”

royduncan of The Villain Next Door has this to say:

The Villain Next door has just reached 125 pages and is 1 page away from completing book 5. Also I held a contest to see who could guess the ending of this book and a guy by the name of Jason Berkowitz of the comic Psychobabble guessed it by golly. He has been featured on our banner card! Also the Villain next door has a special Christmas presentation of The Delinquent Next Door! It's a story of a young Argon with a Christmas tale that will sure to please! The book is completely finished and will run every other day till its completion! Long Live The Villain!

Shades by DAJB hit 150 today! “You'd think that would be a cause for celebration but, as is the way with super hero types, that seems to be making one of the characters very grouchy!”

Tiffawolf's The Last Element reached 200 pages this week!

The KAMics has passed 900 pages! Beat that!



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