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It's peanut butter santa time!

skoolmunkee at 4:43PM, Nov. 4, 2008

Hello everyone, I am back! Actually I have been back for almost 2 weeks now (geez) but for some reason I spent most of my free time playing on my 360. Oblivion is a WONDERFUL time waster. I love those Ayleid ruins.

Ozone had a pretty good idea with these thumbnails (although it's sad they don't wrap or something at least) so, although it's a little extra work for poor little old me, I will keep on with them because I CARE!

Community Stuff!

Hey guys! This year's Drunk Duck Secret Santa is ON! Hurry and sign up (you do a picture, you get a picture!) and they're always looking for people willing to do a second pic in case someone needs to drop out, or in case there is a DEADBEAT. Deadbeats the people who vanish, or who simply don't do their half… they're barred from entering the next year, and we're going to announce their names in a newspost afterward just so everyone knows what a deadbeat they are! So, SECRET SANTA IS AWESOME AND FUN. BUT NO DEADBEATS OK BECAUSE THAT IS NOT FUN.

PIT_FACE's community project V.U.S. (an acronym for “Viscious Utter Shit”), where creators can be horrible to other people's characters, has passed the 25 page mark! Congrats, and as far as I'm aware they're still taking new participants!


Kung Fu Komix by Nickguy hit 25 pages a while back but somehow it got left out of the announcements then, so here it is now! 25 pages! Probably more by now!

MysteriousJeff's Poketto Monsutaa Special Super Ex Adventure XXXVX The Chronicles of Red Blue Green and a Bunch of Other Kids With Colors for Names (I think that's all) has reached 100 pages! Like many delicious food additives, the author cautions that “reading this comic is not a suitable substitute for purchasing the original comic”. Take that as you will!

The Chronicles of Wyrden by Doctor Shadow has also reached 100 pages! It has a shorter title, I know, but there's things like nudity in it!

Also at 100 pages is Rainbow Connection by I am Candyman! He cautions that the comic is gay themed, although not too inappropriate. So I say, you raging homophones might not want to click on it! Everyone else, feel free!

The loverly CQB Epics by JoeL_CQB reached 50 pages yesterday! “And it's bloody!”

Pixel by Sean C has surpassed 25 comics, and also hit the half-year mark! Congrats to you!

Also at 25 pages we've got Froobius's Walter Babble! “Froobius” is just a fun word to say, don't you think?



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