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milestones and FIGHTSPLOSION

skoolmunkee at 9:53AM, Jan. 8, 2009

Bocaj tells me this is THE BEST NEWS EVER so I had better post it right away!

The epic FIGHTSPLOSION is beginning right about… now! (Intro pages are due any day now.)
The first rounds are starting, and bids are starting to be placed. It seems to me that the epic duo dubbed Team Meat* is going to do very well. (Just call it awesome intuition!) It's going to be awesome!

*Officially endorsed by skoolmunkee.
(Wait, I endorsed what now?)

Deadfingers buy Peipei has reached 100 pages!

Punk-Pink by Hapoppo has reached 75 pages!

DMH tells me that his comic Living With Insanity has reached 25 pages! He adds, “If anyone wants to read a daily webcomic that doesn't miss updates before it gets a really large archive, they should probably check it out now.”

Some news from rufus_edge: "Comicdeoxyribonucleicacid is celebrating one year of comicdeoxyribonucleicaction, comicdeoxyribonucleicadventure, and comicdeoxyribonucleichilarity!"

And not_too_shabby has something too: "Just uploaded the latest page of The Bend. 150 pages of rock-throwing, people-eating, booze-drinking absurdity!"



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