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Quite a lot of news for a Thursday!

skoolmunkee at 10:23AM, March 5, 2009

Thursday's interview is a bit different from the others- firstly, it has pictures, and that makes anything you read better. Second it's by smkinoshita, who REALLY likes interviewing people, and it's pretty clear he has a lot of fun doings so: Round 5: smkinoshita interviews JillyFoo of Demon Eater and Planet Closest to Heaven!

kingofsnake teamed up with SlideStudios to make a comic for a Zuda competition- and got in! Pretty fantastic - you can visit their comic The Rejects on Zuda! My congratulations to you two!

Reaching 1 year old is Happy Landfill by Biz3!

After Lily by deepcheese has also just celebrated its 1 year anniversary!

Hitting 50 pages this week is Last Call by lastcall!

DragonessAthena's Heart of a Dragon has reached 350 pages!

WarMage is now over 200 pages
Monster LoverIs now at 175 pages and 420 Comments (It's almost a Month Away folks, you KNOW what I am talking about!)



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