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Free comic book day, you say?

skoolmunkee at 12:41AM, May 2, 2009

legacyhero's Hero Force has reached 100 pages!

Also for you lucky folks in the US, May 2nd is Free Comic Book Day! (Maybe random comic shops elsewhere in the world participate too, but that seems more rare.) So, if the plethora of free webcomics online aren't enough for you, you can pop into a comic shop and get some free comics there too!

DAJB of Shades has a FCBD announcement for you!

My comic being a webcomic, I don't actually have any comic books to give away. However, since I have been asked a few times whether we'd make Shades available as a PDF, I've decided to participate in Free Comic Book Day by making a PDF of the whole of Shades Volume 1 (that's the Prologue plus Chapters 1 - 8 ) available for download … for free, obviously!

Due to restrictions imposed by the service provider, this is only available for 100 downloads, so anyone who is interested should probably get in early - Download available here!



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