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Lots of big announcements this Monday!

skoolmunkee at 10:54PM, Nov. 1, 2009

Before I do anything else, I forgot to post this on Saturday:

by doctorlime reached 50 pages on Saturday! I feel extra bad about forgetting to announce it because a comic called Zombiepocalypse would have been PERFECT in an announcement on Halloween, and plus people would probably have liked to read a zombie comic on that day. :[ Well, you can still celebrate zombies without halloween, or maybe extend your halloweenness into today!

OK, more news now!

Hey everybody! A new DD user interview is up! We didn't have any for a while, but we should have lots rolling in again now. Look forward to it! I command you!

So, what do we have today? Well, we've got Hunchdebunch interviewing I Am The 1337 Master of Pwnd Randomness, which you can read in full right here in this forum thread (preview below!)

4. How did you come up with your style? I find it quite interesting really, the way they have circle heads and triangle/cone shaped bodies. Also, why do some of them have a cross or checked pattern on their face?

A: I was scribbling in my agenda book one day and that's what came out of it. I came up with different names to go with the patterns and personalities of the characters. Active is named because of how he looks like a fallout shelter sign and because he is spontaneous/sudden. Blank is named for his face having no colored features and his usually nuetral personality towards anything happening in the comic; I don't portray that well yet. Eathan Mo is as before the dark I hate the world guy.
rokulily is still accepting super latecomers for MAFIA XVIII: This is Halloween! OK, Halloween is over, but it lives on in our hearts all year, right? That's why we have so many zombie movies. Now YOU can be a zombie movie! All you have to do is PQ her!
Each night, the monsters will attack the town and turn some of the townspeople into monsters as well. Those who are turned, will also gain the ability to turn others as well. The town will try to fight the exponentially growing monster population but at the same time, the monsters will be fighting each other. If a monster attacks another monster of a different kind, they will fight to the death!

And don't forget that the competitors at The Pen Is Mightier still need lots of support! Go watch them compete (in sketch battle form) and vote for the people you want to win! This project is being run by those guys who ink with steak knives, so you just know it's going to be hardcore!

More milestones!

Tomorrow (tuesday), Pineapple's once-a-week comic God Damn It will have its 100th page! She adds, “this is pretty big for me.” I think there might be a boob joke there somewhere, but that might get me in trouble with Jesus. :[

On Tuesday, Far Out There celebrates its 200th page (not counting bonus cartoons) AND gets to brag about getting there without missing a SINGLE scheduled update! Why, it almost sounds IMPRESSIVE, doesn't it?
OK, now that I've skipped on the boob joke this is almost too easy. Maybe I just have a dirty mind right now?



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