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DD change of owners: Platinum Studios --> Wowio

ozoneocean at 3:13AM, June 9, 2010


(see, like Pokemon, we've evolved)

Ownership of our wonderful and mighty Drunk Duck has changed hands to Wowio!
-Actually, that happened a week or so ago, but now it's anounceable.

“Hang on”, you might say, "isn't Wowio owned by Plat anyway?"
Well no, not for a while now actually.
Wowio spun off to be their own company again some time ago so they could focus on all the online aspects of comic making and online media, while Plat focused again mainly on print stuff and other traditional entertainment media (film, TV etc…).
Anyway, Wowio buying DD was part of that. And luckily most of the same team that have been managing DD while it was part of Plat have also moved on over with us to Wowio so there aren't any changes in management or anything! Super smooth, super easy, lubricated for your pleasure! ^__^

The official press release is here if you like to wade through that sort of thing for nuggets of treasure…

Wowio has also collected a new startup thingo called Wevolt, which you can find here:
Its name is a joke on “revolt”, as in revolution because it's part of the online social media revolution! Yes. And this is their logo:

That's not fully live yet, but when it is it'll allow you to do all that comicy interactive stuff in an easy way. You know, like looking for an artist or writer, some comic hosting, buying comic wallpaper for your mobile etc. Not fully live yet, as I say, but it should be a useful site for webcomic makers when it is.
It was started by Matt and Jason, two guys who'd previously done comicy stuff at Plat. They wanted to make an online site for other webcomicers that had all the ideal features they could think of that they'd always wanted in a site for online comic stuff, and Wevolt will be it. So watch that space. OK?


What does this mean for DD? Nothing negative. Due to Wowio's more online focused business DD will get more a little more attention and love, apparently. We've already seen that in the last few months where we've had instant access to a lovely, friendly, helpful programmer for our bug-fixing needs. He's come over with us to Wowio as our loyal companion and keeper of the gimp stables, so everything should be hunkydory from now on.

This message brought to you by Ozoneocean of Pinky TA ^___^



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