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skoolmunkee at 9:31AM, May 5, 2010

Member interview time! Yep, I am posting it a little bit early, because Sunday's newspost will be a little bit late! (Late Tuesday, probably.) But I am sure you are all okay with that! Just gives you more time to read the ones already posted! Anyway here it is for your reading pleasure: PIT_FACE interviews Pieguy259 of Stickman and Cube!

Is El Bricko Loco just a way for you to wrangle the latino vote?

El Bricko Loco podrán consumir sus almas!

Between you and me, it's amazing what you find funny at three o'clock in the morning. I needed a pageview brick for my 250,000 comic, and it was 3am, and there was that crazy sonovabitch, shooting his six-guns and drinking his tequila and oh God I'm going to Racist Hell.

I am doing a Design a Character Contest for my comic Harkovast over the next two weeks, where the winning character design will get a Harkovast Mug from the DD store and their character will appear in the comic (and not in a crappy walk on part either! They will get lines!)
Here is a link to the full explanation!

KDog's featured comic Lego Space has just posted its 300th comic! Hop to it, hophop!

No Talent by TheFlyingGreenMonkey has “finally after a long hiatus” reached 100 pages! Welcome back!



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