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Current list of problems we know about - updated, some fixed

skoolmunkee at 3:08PM, Nov. 2, 2010

Please keep reporting issues- there is a thread or two in General, and several around the Help forums. It will be easier for us to keep track of what is reported if you can stick to a thread that's already been made, rather than creating new ones.

We are passing on everything that is reported to us, but do not have any kind of ETA. I know a programmer (or more than one?) is working on the site right now, and they will be deciding what the best course of action is as far as getting the site back to functionality as soon as possible.

Sorry guys, transitions like this are usually not easy, DD is a massive site with a lot of strange nonstandard coding, so there are a lot of background issue the programmers have to deal with.

So, currently what we know about:

1. URLs are case sensitive and may require a / at the end, this breaks many links around the site and elsewhere online if people have not been using the ‘proper’ link

2. user profiles are inaccessible (semi-fixed: only works with profile links which do not have a / at the end)

3. you can view your own profile in your account area, but it is un-editable (Fixed)

4. The site is running slowly (it varies, Chrome seems to be getting it the worst) and I have occasionally gotten mysql errors and been logged out. This is getting worse as the evening goes on, possibly because more people are trying to use the site.

5. The “image bug” (the image server is full) has returned (what bad timing… is it a coincidence?) which means that people cannot upload new pages, or other images, and also cannot create new comics or edit their custom html.

6. URLs are currently case-sensitive and may require a / at the end

7. Some internal/relative links aren't working, which breaks the dropdown navigation on comic pages, sending you to a page that says ‘this comic does not exist.’ However, the previous/next buttons should work- UNLESS you are using the white/black or black/white template, in which case those buttons are missing, because DD is looking in the wrong place for them. (Semi-fixed: comic dropdown navigation is working; black/white template nav buttons are not)

8. Assisted comics apparently aren't being listed for people in the new-style control panel. They should still be listed in the old-style control panel (which appears on forum pages)

9. Just Updated is not working (not that anyone can currently upload new pages anyway, but they should be registering even if visiting the comic would take you to a broken image)

10. pre-loaded comics now all show up as having been updated the day before, due to the server formerly being on CST and now being on PST (or MST?). Not sure what this means in the long term, if comics uploaded from this point will also be affected, or will fall in line with the new time. (I believe they have said this is not an issue, looks like the server time will not be changing)

11. Some of the black/white text has swapped on comic templates, making some text unreadable against their background (This is actually a repair to some of DD's css, which was making text black when it should have been white, so people were writing css around that- now that it's repaired the custom css needs to be updated)

12. Various error messages may appear at the top of the page (mostly forums) but does not seem to affect anything (Semi-fixed: Some of the messages are gone but others remain)

13. DD Alerter is completely nonfunctional (probably nothing to be done about that, it has not been supported in a long time. We will be pushing to have its features implemented in the next update.)

14. The “store” link directs to an old version of the main page, and not the store

15. Some mix ups because there is some old-style stuff still around (like the sidebar you see in the forums) which generally works, but is probably going to lead to confusion down the line.

16. Full overview of comics is only accessible via the ‘my account’ link in the old-style sidebar (which shows up in the forums). Otherwise, to edit a comic you must expand the ‘my comics’ part of the new-style sidebar, each comic should have an ‘edit’ button. (Resolved: the full comic overview page is now inaccessible, as clicking ‘my account’ on either old or new style sidebar takes you to the same new-style page.)

17. Clicking on links from the old-style sidebar (like the one you see in the forums) takes you to old-style versions of pages, like your PQ inbox. This may or may not be a problem, depending on how you like your PQs :] (Fixed: All links to the PQs should now point at the new style inbox)

18. In the new-style PQ inbox, bbcode does not work and just displays as typed. Line breaks are not clear. Sending a PQ with an apostrophe will return a mysql error message. Replying to new-style pqs does not ‘quote’ the message text.

19. PQs sent after the relaunch (or via the new-style system?) do not show up in the old-style PQ inbox. PQs deleted via the old-style inbox do not register as deleted in the new-style inbox. It appears that the old-style inbox (and possibly other old-style things?) are running off an old or disconnected copy of the data or something. Not sure if PQs sent via the old-style system are actually delivered anywhere? (Fixed: Conversion to new-style inbox means old-style is not accessible any more anyway)

20. In author comments, apparently ' and " are converted into wonky characters (anyone have an example for me?)

And some various other things, mostly around missing functionality like the saved searches (Was that on the Browse page?) or things which only affect admins (like newsposts not showing up on the main page)



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