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Welcome to the redesigned Drunk Duck!

skoolmunkee at 2:30AM, Nov. 2, 2010

DrunkDuck is running at a decent speed now (they have had to do a bunch of server configurations), but there’s still some lingering issues (mostly having to do with site redirects) that need to be spotted and fixed.

- Currently URLs are case-sensitive, and often require a / at the end (For example: works, but doesn't.) This should be fixed soon, I know they intended to have it done before this point.

- The site is still running a bit slow in IE for some reason, and they are working on it, but should run relatively fine in Firefox and Chrome.

- Restarting your computer before trying to access DrunkDuck may help, by updating your DNS files and ensuring that you're seeing the new site when you visit.

- I'm not able to upload any new pages, they just show up blank. Not sure if that's affecting anyone else?

- If you find any bad links on the site, let me know. For example, all the edit links on your profile page currently redirect to the homepage of the OLD DD site. (And for myself, I can't even access user profiles). PLEASE TRY AND USE AN EXISTING THREAD TO REPORT A PROBLEM- there are several of them already in General Discussion (the main place), and several also in the Help forums. (And a few where they really don't belong.)

Anyway I hope you are having fun with the new color scheme, which I think makes things look more lively! Some of the functions around the site have changed (The PQs seem to be pretty different, for example- we even have an Outbox now) but I hope there is no real trouble adjusting to the changes, as most of the update is visual/design stuff.

I'll post up something brief later today, or tomorrow, about how a couple of things have changed.



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