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Belated milestones!

skoolmunkee at 9:27AM, Nov. 5, 2010

Sorry these are kind of late, I wanted to wait until the site had settled down a bit (or as it happened, changed back).

I might have lost some PQs when the site reverted, so if you sent me something and don't see it here, please resend it!

tiki_carol's Randi turned 100 on Halloween! "Wish I could say I planed it that way. Well, O.K. I planed it that way. (no I didn't) Anyway YAY for my 100th strip!"

Two Weeks Notice, the greatest comic about video game retail that has absolutely nothing to do with video game retail has hit it's 100th page!

At 175 pages we have George the Dragon by Loud_G!

Also reaching 175 pages is Randal's Brick!

Genejoke's Malefic Tales reaches 125 pages on November 5th, with art from Asbin who does Project GTH!

Ax Crazy by JabberwockyJones has hit 50 pages!

And in the midst of the craziness, Far Out There by Blitzkrieg1701 reached its 300th page!



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