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Professor Layton and the Drunk Duck Newspost

skoolmunkee at 1:08PM, Nov. 9, 2010

Layton: Well Luke! It certainly looks as though we have a completely improbable mystery to solve!
Luke: You bet Professor! I hope it turns out better than the one where we hallucinated the whole thing!
Layton: Yes…. remember, let's not tell your father about that one! Before we begin, I have a puzzle for you!

Puzzle 001: The Cafe d'Alizee (30 picarats)
The Cafe d'Alizee by Rennakins would like to celebrate for its third milestone… how many pages does the comic have?
(Hint 1: Milestones come in 25-page increments!)
Luke: Here's my answer! 75 pages!
Layton: Correct! Another puzzle solved!

Flora: What are you two doing? Are you leaving me behind again?
Luke: Well you are useless you know!
Layton: Luke, that is not the kind of thing a gentleman says! … Flora we want you to stay at home. For your safety.
Flora: I'll show you boys! Give me a puzzle!
Luke: I've got one I bet she can do.

Puzzle 002: Good Guy (15 picarats)
If Good Guy by Androoo began 4 years ago on Drunk Duck, how old is it?
Flora: Hmm, my answer is…. 4 years!
Layton: Erm, well done Flora!

Layton: All right! It's time to embark on our little adventure. Oh, but what's this? We need to visit my friend, but look at this map he's sent…
Luke: How come you never know where your friends live Professor, and why do they always send you wonky maps?
Layton: I don't know, Luke.
Flora: You have a lot of mysteries in your life, Professor!

Puzzle 003: Weave (50 picarats)
MeHighLow's comic Weave has finished Volume 1 at 80 pages. What milestone has the comic reached?
Layton: This one is tricky! But here's my solution: 75 pages!
Luke: Wow Professor! And that's why I'm your apprentice!

Flora: Hello, random man on the street!
Man: Oh hello! Look, can you help me solve this puzzle? It's all anyone does around here, puzzles.
Layton: Certainly, sir! We are happy to assist.

Puzzle 004: Brick (25 picarats)
Randal is building a wall of Brick. He is using strips of paper to mark out where his wall will go. In order to build the wall as large as possible, use the diagram to determine how many strips he will use.
Flora: Here goes! 180 strips!
Man: Sorry, wrong answer!
Flora: Oh no…. :(
Luke: Here's my guess: 175 strips!
Man: Well done! That's a good lad, here, have a collectible!
Flora: >:(

Flora: I'm tired, Professor!
Layton: Well, I suppose we can stop for a while. Who would like some tea?
Luke: Yes please!
Layton: Oh dear, I seem to have put a strange lock on my suitcase. We'll have to solve the puzzle before we can have tea.

Puzzle 005: Spacefighters on Earth (90 picarats)
cbalolo's Spacefighters on Earth are trapped, on Earth! Help them get back to the moon by sliding these funny-shaped blocks around in this funny-shaped space, maeuvering the Spacefighters block from the ‘Earth’ position to the ‘Moon’ position…. can you do it in the least number of moves? (Layton ‘jeopardy’ music plays indefinitely)
Luke: Finally! 175 pages- I mean moves! Layton's apprentice strikes again!
Flora: Let's never do that again.
Layton: Don't be silly, sliding block puzzles are a staple of the series!

Don Paulo: AHA! You've done exactly what I planned for you to do! By solving all the puzzles, you have finished this newspost! Forever! AHAHAHAHA!
Layton: Don't be so sure…. there will always be more newsposts!




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