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The Horribles on Kindle, and Bombshell-Heroes Alliance-Holon milestones and swag!

skoolmunkee at 5:00PM, Aug. 14, 2011

carolyn said:
Readers and fans can now subscribe
on Amazon
to get "The Horribles“ as a weekly update on their Kindle! Yes, you can now read ”The Horribles" even if you are not wirelessly connected!!
I think that's the first announcement I've seen for Kindle publishing!

Genejoke's Underbelly is back after a long delay, it has also hit 75 pages and the final chapter has begun. Running daily (hopefully) until the conclusion!

And the whole rest of this newspost is a BUNCH of announcements from Abt_Nihil!


Bombshell has reached 100 pages (and is now steadily updating every other Monday),

Heroes Alliance has reached 150 pages, and

Holon reaches 125 pages next Monday!


Heroes Alliance #0 is now available in print, as well as a t-shirt featuring the cover artwork. 100% of the profits will be donated. More info here.

Bombshell #2 is also available in print now, and there's also a T-Shirt! ^_^



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