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Today's specials: Contests, milestones, and DarkGesen interview! Eat up!

skoolmunkee at 5:12AM, Feb. 9, 2011

harkovast of Harkovast is running a new contest! All the rules are right here - anyone can enter, and you're helping the comic out too! (And you can win a prize!)

elektro and Genejoke are running a fan art contest for Cubicle, to commemorate the upcuming finale to the comic. Prizes and everything! All the information can be found here!

Stay tuned for another competition next week!

The just-featured Death and Fairy by sama has now passed 25 pages! sama adds, “Thank you to everyone for the support and the feature!”

Master the Tiger by PaulEberhartd reached its 75th page a little more than a week ago! Keep 'em coming!

We've also got another new DrunkDuck Member Interview! There's loads of them in the Interviews subforum worth checking out (and commenting on, replies are always nice to see)! This one in particular is I Am The 1337 Master interviewing DarkGesen of Gesen!

9. What tools do you use to make the comic?

I used to use mecha pencil and paper, then type up the text on this free online software called It wasn't all that great. It was espcially irritaing when i accidentally hit the “Back” button on Chrome without saving the page.

For then, after Chapter 17, I started using an A4 book and pens, and in between the end of chapter 19 and beginning of 20 certain… things happened and I got a pen tablet and Photoshop Elements 8.0.

Though I'm hoping that by the time Chapter 20 is finished I will have Manga Studio 4, so I'm looking forward to that.
Certain… things? Way to make a person curious…

There are always more on the way, so you should try and keep up!



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