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DrunkDuck Site Redesign Blog #4

srhdt at 10:22AM, March 4, 2011

Hi Everyone!

Time for another weekly update on our site redesign development process. We're currently working on improving the uploading process for comic pages. In order to optimize page loading efficiency, uploaded comic pages will be re-sampled to a standard .png format. Going through this step will not only help pages load faster on the site, but also give us the potential to eventually expand the site onto other platforms (like, for example, mobile devices).

Additionally, we're currently programming a new comic page template which will allow for a greater degree of customization for the new user electing to use the standard template format.

Now on to this week's sample images! These samples are all focused on the Forums section.

Forums Main Page

You'll notice that there is now a search bar at the top of the Forums section, allowing users to search threads and posts within. Addtionally, there's a small comic bubble icon next to each sub-forum, which will indicate that there have been new posts in the forum since you last visited.

Sub-Forum Main Page

In addition to the new comic bubble icon indicating new posts in the thread since you've last visited, there's also a pin icon to indicate “stickied” threads. Additionally, there's also a “go to unread” button to jump straight to the first unread post of the thread since you last visited.

Thread Page

We've added a “post history” button under each username as well as a “report” button to alert moderators of inappropriate posts. The lighter horizontal area beneath each posts is just a placeholder for that user's optional signature, should they choose to upload one (otherwise that area will not be there). We've also added numbered pagination and thread searching.

If you'd like to discuss or comment on any of the samples posted thus far, check out the forum thread on the rebuild HERE.



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