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The Carriers collected edition, lots of community stuff, a super-big contest and more!

skoolmunkee at 5:24AM, May 6, 2011

Walrus's WWE The Comic is turning 400 pages old! WoooOOOOOOooooo!

Dark Pascual's Shaman Quest has reached a good 450 pages, and the story is barely beginning! Congrats!

The Carriers, a featured comic by roidvoid, would like to print a collected edition! roidvoid (who has already successfully printed individual issues) is running a Kickstarter campaign (ends in August) to fund the printing of a collected edition of The Carriers which will include all 5 issues! Remember that Kickstarter relies on meeting the goal (if it isn't, no pledges are taken) so it's important to pledge! And don't forget that pledging at various levels gets you various LOOT- including copies of the collected edition and more! Good lick roidvoid!

OK! I've got some big inclusions here, but be sure and read them- they're both full of interesting stuff and great opportunities! Vakanai is running a big contest (or… three big contests!), and Genejoke talks about all the ways you can get involved in Lite Bites, what I think of as his “community buffet” and already involves several talented DDers! :]

In celebration of my return to making webcomics, I've decided to get off to a good start. And for me that means…contests!

First contest, and the big one, in celebration of rebooting Rumbles Late Night (I had erased the first Late Night) is a make-a-script contest. Basically (quoting from my post): All you have to do is sell your soul and…wait, we're not doing that? Oh yeah. Alright, the real method to have your characters interviewed is to PM me your best Late Night one paged script featuring your characters. I will use the three best scripts to create future Late Night strips. But the very best script will grant its owner not just their characters an appearance in Rumbles Late Night, but a cameo appearance in all my currently being updated comics. That's an appearance in Rumbles Late Night, Funny Universe, Tank Buddies Forever, and Devil Squid Adventures. So, get writing! The deadline is May 19th!

But wait, there's more! In celebration of Tank Buddies Forever's return with chapter two, I'm holding a recap and singing bubbles contest! Basically I want a one page fanmade comic that humorously recaps the events of chapter one (Failing Safety). The winner gets their page posted, and then they just have to send me a summary of any one of their comics, and I will use that summary to make a crazy little song that the choir of singing bubbles will sing in Tank Buddies. That's right, the bubbles will sing an ode to your comic. Deadline is May 19th.

And finally, in celebration of the start of Funny Universe and the upcoming restart of Devil Squid Adventures, I want a picture of Devil Squid, Bunny Rabbit Man, and your character/s fighting a giant T-Rex. Winner will have their picture posted, and their characters will have a cameo in both comics. And just for kicks, another future cameo in any one of my comics of their choice. Deadline is again May 19th.

That's three contests, and a lot of free publicity, for a few lucky winners.

Lite Bites.

Yeah where to start.

For artists there are a number of scripts hanging around,ranging from six pages and up. Most are by Gunwallace creator of Character development but also some from Myself, Shastab24 and Mehighlow the writer of Weave. More coming as well.

“The otherside” is a horror story gunwallace did based on a concept of mine, it has a couple of plot twists.

“Pimp IMP” is a sci fi fantasy about about pimp imp and oneof his deals, by Mehighlow

“Hollowman” is a series of six page shorts inspired by the likes of Edgar rice burroughs starring Adam Seabourne. All written by Gunwallace. The first part of which will go live in a few weeks there are a few more written but the first two are in progress.

“After” is a series of interconnecting six page shorts that… it's hard to say much about them but two have already been done by Skreem. Gunwallace wrote them as an exercise in restraint I believe. There are eight more of these.

“Another after” is a time travel related short, unrelated to the after series. Also by Gunwallace.

“Security breach” By Shastab24 is a story of starving children. Again.

There are others but that's it off the top of my head.

For writers, scripts are always welcomed and I will try to ensure that something of everyones gets made. Even if I have to do it myself.


People can ask to get reviewed, obviously :) but also looking for people to assist with doing reviews, be it as reviewers or doing the visuals for them.


I have put up one challenge for other to take on and put a thread in the lite bites forum for others to challenge me to make a comic under some kinds of restrictions/requirements. not sure how this will go down but worth a shot.


Not all works in LB are created solely for it, some are shorts people have lingering about and it gives them a place to showcase them. Theoreahs “The girl who wanted more than kashmir” and Elektro's “Disorder is order” are prime examples.

Lite bites characters. An idea by Skreem was to have lite bites characters that creators could write and interpret in their own way. The first of which is an old character I came up with called Spleen the barbarian. Who is naturally a Conan parody.

I think that should cover most of it.



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