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DD Awards discussion needed! Hephaestus milestone, and Monday chit-chat!

skoolmunkee at 12:01AM, April 8, 2013


Regarding the DD Awards 2013 planning:
To change the topic a little bit (we can still revisit categories later on) is there any thing you liked or did not like about previous awards that you would either like to keep change or eliminate?

Please feed back in this forum thread!

selecthumor's Hephaestus has reached 275 pages!

OK, time for some Monday chit-chat!

It's been a Quactcast topic before, but it's something everyone likes to talk about- what's your favorite media/mediums to work with?

I made a forum thread so you can talk about it!

Although it's really nice to do some things digitally (especially with ‘undo’ features or automation), I think my favorites are all non-digital.

I've worked with crayons, which are challenging from a limited-color-range perspective, but it's hard to do any detail with them. Also they're tricky to scan, because the wax is reflective.

Art markers are nice, but I sometimes royally messed up mixing colors for shading, and you're still a bit limited as far as color possibilities go.

Watercolors let you do lots of colors, but the whole nature of the media and how you manage colors, light, etc was something I never got a good grasp on. However it's most relaxing for me, since often you have to work slowly enough to let layers dry.

I don't love inking enough to do finished pieces in ink only. But pencil just feels so unfinished! Charcoal I like, but it's too messy and I don't have the patience to do anything I'd consider “real” art.

Of course there's loads more than the drawing/coloring things I've listed here. Your favorites may not have anything to do with making comics, even!



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