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QUACKCAST Episode 111 - Banes Overcomes Character Obstacles on His Own

ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Feb. 5, 2013


For this episode we asked many of our esteemed DrunkDuck creators to weigh in and enlighten us on the subject of creating and overcoming obstacles for their characters. This of course ties in with Quackcast 109 where we discussed aspects of that topic with Pit Face and Tantz Aerine. Here we specifically asked: “Obstacles, challenges for your characters. How do you create 'em? How do you and your characters overcome them??? Just tell us about the things you go through with your characters and their plotlines!”. Due to a small misunderstanding Banes heroically handled this entire Quackcast on his own!

Topics and Show Notes:

Featured comics:
Split Screen -
A town called Alandale -

Our host Banes -
Contribution thread-

List of our esteemed contributors & their comics:
Genejoke, Basso -
Gunwallace, Character Development -
Gullas, Bobby the fetus -
Bravo1102, Battle of the Robofemoids -
Tantz Aerine, Without Moonlight -
Abt Nihil, Bombshell -
Snevilly -
Aubrey Miranda, Odd Days -
Jimmy Purcell, Been Better -
Banes, Typical Strange -
James Riot, The Path -
Subcultured, Dreams in Synergy -
Jillyfoo, Demon Eater -



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