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skoolmunkee at 12:01AM, Feb. 18, 2013

Cass and her daughters Kat and Caitlin have just moved to a new city for a fresh start. Kat seems to be having a little trouble fitting in on her first day of school though- plenty of people are nice enough, and the boys are smitten, but there's a few gals who think she deserves a rougher welcome. Why can't teenagers just get along? OK- so this comic isn't story heavy. It's pretty blatantly a bunch of eye candy and flimsy set-ups- is there something wrong with that? If you like your ladies buxom and not shy in the least, this one's worth following!

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Abt_Nihil at 7:15AM, Feb. 18, 2013

skoolmunkee is clearly biased towards comic with buxom characters :p

The_D_Wrek at 6:03AM, Feb. 18, 2013

Hey, sweet! Thanks for the feature/review Skoolmunkee! It's like the review says, not "story heavy" (yet. that won't come till chapter 4) but it's fun. And who doesn't like buxom ladies? Am I right? Am I right? That guy knows what I'm talking about. Stop by the page, read the archive, leave some comments, and make yourself at home. We're just getting started. :)

ozoneocean at 2:25AM, Feb. 18, 2013

Love it!

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