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Quackcast 178 - thematical thematology

ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Aug. 5, 2014


- Art by Gunwallace

For this DD webcomics podcast, Quackcast 178, we talk about THEMES. And no, we're not talking about those fine musical tracks that Gunwallace has been making for our comics. Theme is what's happening below the surface plot of a story. Plot is the events that happen, and theme is what it all means. We asked people What they thought about themes in their work, how they approach them, do you put themes in there on purpose, or does it happen by accident? Is a theme even necessary? We also asked people to talk about some of the themes in their work. We had some very interesting contributions. Themes in stories in comics, movies, TV shows and books are not things we tend to think about that much unless we're trying to be clever but they're an all pervasive and important part of any story nevertheless!

Topics and Show Notes:

Featured comic:
The Fall of God -

Theme thread:
Here -

Our Contributors:
Bejinks -
Genejoke -
Call Me Tom -
Kota -
Bravo1102 -
KimLuster -
Irrevenant -

Special thanks to:
Banes, the mighty beastman of the tundra -
Gunwallace, musical maestro masterful minstrel -

The musical theme this time was for Simply Sarah -



dedasaur at 5:25PM, Aug. 7, 2014

This is a good topic. I usually start from the theme because I want to express an opinion about something. The Pirate Balthasar is about independence, examined in every different form and what are the different levels of freedom we go through in life - the one we enjoy, the one we think we have and the one we will never have. Women did not have much freedom in the XVII century so it is also fun to see the concept: I don't know what to do with freedom once I gained it. hahahaha For the Flower and the Nose I chose a theme that is about obstacles, how we are our own best friend but our own worst enemy at times and how we build psychological obstacles and boycott ourselves. Themes are great, they help keep a story cohesive.

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