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FEATURED COMIC --> Mechaniko

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, July 16, 2014

What is a Mechaniko? Who is Mechaniko?

A mechanical robot is only as smart as its creator. Mechaniko was assembled out of steel and electronics in Dr. Reverse's lab by the beautiful Professor Susan Cinquefoil. He is ready to be unveiled for the first time as the protector-knight in shining alloy that he was meant to be. The whole town has turned up for this special occasion including the lovestruck investor, Mr. Greenwattle, and the seemingly villainous character, Colonel Steelsquint. There is only one problem–Mechaniko comes with some mechanical difficulties.

This story has a touch of romance, a bunch of comedic situations, and is a sure hit for anyone who loves those post-Sputnik, giant mechanical robot stories from the late 1950s.

The story arcs are separated into three parts so far.

Mechaniko I - Mechaniko Gets Created

Mechaniko II - The Mechanisms of Power

Mechaniko III - Nothing is What It Seems

The first two books are crisp and in full digital color. The current arc is drawn and colored in grayscale. The comic started as a collaboration between Yves Ker Ambrun (Art) and Antonia Pont (Dialogue).

Art, Characters, and Designs: Yves Ker Ambrun
Dialogues: Antonia Pont (Parts I & II)
Colors: Christian Rathmann (Parts I & II)

If you are a bilingual in both German and English, there art print versions available in both languages!

Read Mechaniko by Yves Ker Ambrun, rated E!




kawaiidaigakusei at 8:18AM, July 16, 2014

Genejoke- I checked the feature database three times to make sure (it just looked THAT good!). It had been nominated for a DD Award sometime in 2012 but was not officially featured on the main page.

Genejoke at 6:56AM, July 16, 2014

wasn't this featured before?

KimLuster at 6:08AM, July 16, 2014

How in the bloody hell have I overlooked this comic...?! He looks like the 'Iron Giant' (one of my fave animated movies ever!) - I'm on board!

ozoneocean at 12:45AM, July 16, 2014

Love the feature!

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