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FEATURED COMIC --> The Gimblians

ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Oct. 8, 2014

Fancy a bit of a laugh? Something to take you away for a moment from all the cares and crises of the world? Well then check out the Gimblians! It's a newspaper style 3 panel comic strip about a funny little group of surprisingly large nosed people and their daily trails and tribulations, sitcom style. There's a princess, a knight, a wizard, a mum, some kids and a bunch of silly situations to test their patience and make you smile.
This comic strip has been going for a few years now so there is a healthy archive to make your way through. Early strips start off as black and white, later on it gets a healthy dose of digital colour. This is a nice little family-safe humour comic that's produced to quite a high standard.

Read The Gimblians, by mattgasser, rated E.



mattgasser at 5:52PM, Oct. 8, 2014

Wow thanks for the kind words! Its stuff like this that makes it all worth it. I hope to start working on the strip more in the future and revamping the site.

Gunwallace at 2:09PM, Oct. 8, 2014

Great feature

Banes at 10:18AM, Oct. 8, 2014

Such a good comic! Great feature!

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