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kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, April 6, 2015

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you…
APRIL 2015's Thread Trends!

Above (L to R): Leona by kawaiidaigakusei, Rick Devon by JustNoPoint, Princess January by VinoMas. All dressed in original VinoMas designs.
Art by VinoMas.

Hello, hello, this is KD and this is a LIVE broadcast directly from the Drunk Duck Fashion Show catwalk.

It is finally the month of April, which means we have a brand new theme and a whole new line up and by the looks of the designs on the catwalk, it appears to be some type of Mother Earth pageant. Wait. I think I see Princess January over there.

Hello Princess January, what do you know about the Fashion theme for this month?

(Princess January rips the microphone away from KD's hands.)

The one and only, her youthful majesty, Princess January. Art by VinoMas.

Princess January: Ah, that's better. Well, word around Daweirdhaddy has been that the fashion theme for this month is “Fashion of Earthly Delights: An Earth Day Gala”. Now I don't make this stuff up, but I'll just say my sources are very credible.

KD: What does an Earth Day theme imply? Kale, canvas bags, quinoa, granola, recycling bottles, “Save the Earth” signs?

Princess January: Oh hun, that's adorbs. Have you ever heard about Adam and Eve? Well they were the original designers because they had to get really creative as there is only so much you can do with mud, sticks and a few rocks.

An option for Earth Day is that you need to create outfits that come naturally from the earth and you could even use animal products, but 100% Vegan and Vegetarian clothing submissions are most welcome.

KD: Thank you, esteemed Princess January. Please say hello to your creator VinoMas, the friendliest Vampire in the world when you get the chance.

Princess January: I do say, speak of the Dev, he is right over there with an announcement!

A rare photograph of VinoMas, aka the friendliest Vampire in the World. (Used with permission from VinoMas)

VinoMas: VinoMas here, aka the friendliest Vampire in the world. Just a friendly reminder regarding appropriate under garments for the paper dolls posted in the forums: I would say nude is fine but not preferred. Must be “doll” form. Sexy bodies in swimsuits and lingerie but for Godsakes PROTECT THE CHILDREN!

And be sure to check out Confessions of a Paper Doll!!

Well, there you have it, folks! The brand new Fashion Show theme for April will be: “Fashion of Earthly Delights” so bring your A-Game, whip out your favourite organic paper, inks, and drawing supplies and head on over to the Fashion Forums.

Options for YOUR Consideration to Inspire Creativity

1. First and for most, it is up to YOU to determine what constitutes the “Earth Day” theme whether it is 100% Organic or a polluted waste dump. The sky (and beyond) is the LIMIT! Fashion has no boundaries.
2. Clothes can be made of natural materials
3. Think about creating an overall theme of how the outfit contributes to Saving our Planet
4. Themed Months (such as this one) are not considered a contest and creations will not be judged against, so design without hesitation.
5. The last day to post couture designs for Earth Day Fashion is April 30th (but if you miss the deadline, you can still post it after).
6. Remember: The most important thing to remember for themed fashion months is that YOU make the rules!

Additional Themes Suggestions for April
April Showers: Rain and Spring Weather
Baby Chicks and Eggs
Garden of Good and Evil
Adam and Eve
Leather, Feathers
Mud, Dirt, Soil

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KimLuster at 10:01AM, April 6, 2015

Looks like a fun little challenge - I'll get mine in before the deadline! :)

ozoneocean at 5:35AM, April 6, 2015

AN outfit made totally from LED lights... that's in the whole earth day theme... a bit :) It'd get pretty hot though. :(

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