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JNP's deals o'rama!

JustNoPoint at 12:00AM, July 10, 2015

Right now you can get Clip Studio Paint for only $15!!! It's a very limited time sale.
You can get the EX version for $87. This program is made specifically for making comics. I have used it since Manga Studio 3 when I debuted Devon Legacy here in 2006 and I HIGHLY recommend taking advantage of this offer!

If anything the Panel, speech bubble, and inking options are VERY superior to anything else. That's the consensus I've read online anyway. And in this version the coloring portion and layering aspects are almost up there with Photoshop. It's just a few bells and whistles away from me not needing to export to PS. Which is also very simple to do. Import/export to and from PS.

So where's HippieVan???
HippieVan is actually on vacation and I brought this to the DD FB group's attention suggesting it be in NEWS. Hippie didn't have anything planned so to make it easier on her I'm filling in.

I didn't get any pass downs about milestones but VOTING IS STILL OPEN in The Drunk Duck Awards! So be sure to participate!

And I realized I had a small nugget of news myself.
My character Fenny Bakerhas made her way to being a NPC in a 2d Fighting game similar to Street Fighter called Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm.

(yes there is a layering issue here they still need to fix -_- but the game play is solid and it's the only error I've seen)
If you like 2D fighters or Fenny as much as I do you can grab that game from Steam.



mishi_hime at 1:51PM, July 13, 2015

Alright I went ahead and got Clip Studio since it was only $15. Seems like it's meant for both single illustrations and manga. We'll see how much I like it. :p

mishi_hime at 8:59PM, July 12, 2015

I've heard only great things about Clip Studio. It's much cheaper than Manga Studio 5. However, the best program is... dadadaaaa Paint Tool Sai!

darkace at 6:23PM, July 10, 2015

I use Manga Studio 5 (mainly) and Photoshop CC (for finishing touches) for my current projects. MS5 works well with the art style I'm using for my comic here on the Duck. When using the vector tools, I feel it's easier to use than Illustrator. So, for me, I highly recommend Clip Studio Paint since it's the same as MS5. It is pretty easy to use as well, even for beginners.

HippieVan at 3:46PM, July 10, 2015

I already have photoshop and you guys are seriously making me consider spending the $15...I'll have to give the free trial a go when I get home.

JustNoPoint at 1:29PM, July 10, 2015

It was no problem Hippie! --- Thanks Banes MS4 is a great one too. So much simpler! But less features. I used it the longest! --- Thanks for taking all meaning out of my name Amelius! And I agree! I use some the the layer fx and extra warping tools on PS but almost everything is now done in MS. As to EX or not to EX. I'd be more inclined to say if you just make strips you probably wouldn't use EX's advanced features. But if you do full stories EX is WONDERFUL!

Amelius at 10:14AM, July 10, 2015

ACK the P disappeared, curse this keyboard! Now there was literally no "Point" HaAHA! (のᗜの)(I'm so sorry!)

Amelius at 10:12AM, July 10, 2015

Whoa JN congrats on the game NPC!! That's awesome! Yes anyone considering Clip Paint (formerly known as Manga Studio 5) definitely spring for EX if you can for the story option (basically makes printing easier). As to the coloring: unless an artist leans heavily on filters and pre-rendered vector shapes (which it has less of) CSP is WAY better at coloring than Photoshop. Like, ridiculously better. It has vector options comparable to Sai as well, also 3D poseable drawing mannequins in the program! And more stuff then I have room to list here. The few cons with the program are texting, because you can't rotate the text without rasterizing it and converting to vector is a bit imperfect. Oh, and learning where everything is is kind of like digging through a stuffed closet for art supplies but it's well worth it!

Banes at 9:47AM, July 10, 2015

Thanks JNP! And congrats on your character moving out into other games! That's exciting! I have manga studio 4 - still opening it once in awhile to learn it before using it to make comics. Happy vacationing, Hip!

HippieVan at 6:33AM, July 10, 2015

Thanks again to JNP for filling in for me on such short notice! :)

KimLuster at 3:32AM, July 10, 2015

This I will look into - thanks for the heads-up!

ozoneocean at 9:54PM, July 9, 2015

Good deal on the art programme!

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