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FEATURED COMIC --> No Future Vanish in Time

ozoneocean at 12:00AM, July 29, 2015

Andrew is having a really rotten day when he gets a visit from some busy-bodies who seem to want to make things even harder for him! One of them looks strangely familiar… Because it's his older self! It turns out Andy died rather earlier than he was supposed to, so to make amends the powers that be have come back in time to make sure young Andy lives up to his true potential and packs in as much life as possible in the short time he has left… and yet he still seems set on blowing it. This is a comedy manga style comic. There are lots and lots of pages to dive into and the style of writing and art improves over the course of the story. It's all done in simple black and white line work.

Read No Future Vanish in Time by Kurapika, rated T.



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