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Comic Book Makeovers

HippieVan at 12:00AM, May 22, 2015

IDW Entertainment is currently releasing a series of comics this year based on Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. As a big Douglas Adams fan, I'm excited to see what they do with the series!

Until I get my hands on a copy, I've compiled a wishlist of other things that I'd like to see adapted into graphic novel form!

The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi

The Windup Girl isn't a book I would have picked up for myself as more of a classics kinda girl, but boy am I glad I had to read it for my first-year English class. It's a gorgeous, gorgeous book - its comic would have to be in full colour. I think its vivid imagery - including elephants, fruits and factories in a semi-dystopian future - would make an incredible graphic novel given the right artist.

Russian Fairy Tales

There are plenty of beautiful children's books featuring illustrated Russian fairy tales, but I would love to see some of these folk tales' crazy characters adapted into a fuller, grown-up friendly story. Something like Fables but less terrible (sorry to fans of Fables). Who doesn't love a hut on chicken legs, right?

The Double by Fyodor Dostoevsky

As big a fan of Dostoevsky as I am, most of his books would not work well as graphic novels. The ratio of internal dialogue to action would make the task of illustrating Dostoevsky almost insurmountable for a book like Crime and Punishment. The Double is a bit different, and in my opinion more accessible to the casual reader. In this downright creepy short novel, internal neuroses are turned outwards in the form of a doppelganger who starts taking over the life of the protagonist. I would love to see how an artist would handle two identical but different characters.

The Mighty Boosh

With the caveat that these would obviously have to be done by Noel Fielding and Julian Barrett, which will never happen. There are some short comics in The Mighty Book of Boosh that are really well done, if you ever happen to chance across a copy! A bigger collection of those would be awesome.

Island of the Aunts by Eva Ibbotson

I read this book so many times as a kid. It's one of those ones where you can tell it's been loved because the spine is broken, the pages are all dog-eared and the corners are totally worn off. Anyways, it's a really fun story about a couple of kids who get kidnapped and end up living on an island with some really ugly mermaids, a sea monster and so on that would be funny and awesome with more illustrations. Which Witch would make a good graphic novel too.

The novels of Paul Quarrington

I might be in a fairly small fan club in my love for Paul Quarrington's novels. His books are simultaneously hilarious and full of human emotion, and generally revolve around casts of wacky characters. Not wacky like “Oh, that otherwise normal guy has a weird quirk,” either. I'm talking gay strongmen, eccentric gurus, emotionally stunted magicians, former rock stars who write music for whales, and so on. Seriously, someone needs to draw these things.

What books, TV shows, movies and so on would you like to see made into comics?


KimLuster's The Godstrain has reached an impressive 250 pages!

10 days remain to enter my Historical Fashion Contest! Just draw up one of your characters in a historical or historical-inspired outfit, and you could win a cool trophy and other miscellaneous (and possibly nonexistent) prizes!


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KAM at 6:12AM, May 24, 2015

Oh, and for a very surreal take on Crime & Punishment...

KAM at 6:05AM, May 24, 2015

2 books I wouldn't mind seeing as comics would be "Where Were You Last Pluterday?" by Paul van Herck and "Space for Hire" by William F. Nolan. Several years ago Bluewater Comics did adapt a number of Nolan's works, such as Logan's Run, but I'm not sure if Sam Space made a comic book appearance.

KAM at 6:00AM, May 24, 2015

Classics Illustrated did a version of Crime and Punishment. Every now and then I attempt to read the whole comic. I don't think I've managed to ever read the whole thing. That being said, there is a note at the end admitting they had to leave a lot out.

tupapayon at 4:47PM, May 23, 2015

@bravo: that's the closest I could find...

bravo1102 at 3:28PM, May 23, 2015

There was a comic series a long time ago that adaptations of pulp 30's-50's Science fiction. I'd like to see that taken up again. Some Japanese model magazines used to do manga adaptations of stories from combat memoirs and unit records. But most of all I want to see the graphic novel adaptation of the Oxford Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language.

tupapayon at 10:36AM, May 23, 2015

I am not aware of any adaptation of Jorge Luis Borges stories into graphic media... that would be interesting... La Casa Tomada...

HippieVan at 5:46AM, May 22, 2015

@KimLuster: Definitely give it a go! It's a wonderful book, and even though it's dystopian it still made me want to visit Thailand just to try the fruit.

HippieVan at 5:44AM, May 22, 2015

@Gunwalllace: Ivan Denisovich would make a great comic! I read it years ago, but the thought of the bitter cold has remained vividly in my mind.

KimLuster at 4:32AM, May 22, 2015

First thing is... I now wanna really check out Windup Girl...!!

Gunwallace at 1:15AM, May 22, 2015

Italo Calvino's Marcovaldo short stories would be my dream comic adaptation. Maybe also Solzhenitsyn's One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, but that would be a depressing one. Little known fact: I once wrote an official comic adaptation of Brain Dead aka Dead Alive (the Peter Jackson film) but only the first few page were ever drawn.

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