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VOTE NOW for Your Favorite 2015 Drunk Duck Awards Presenter!!

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, Oct. 26, 2015

Niccea would like to remind everyone that she will be accepting 2015 Drunk Duck Awards Extras and Speeches until Halloween (Saturday, October 31st). There is also a ballot for readers to vote for their FAVORITE PRESENTER below:


The above link will take you to a questionnaire that asks:

(please refer back to comic for pages)

Banes (Adventure, Humor Deliciously Offensive, Completed, Adult)
bravo1102 (Overall comic strip, Sci-fi)
Call Me Tom (Plot Development, Superhero, Parody/Tribute)
El Cid (Protagonist)
fallopiancrusader (Philosophical, Antagonist, Dialogue, Story Comic, Action)
Genejoke (Create Your Own, Community Project, Horror)
Infected Blood (Most Improved Art)
KimLuster (Background Art, All Ages, Mystery)
Niccea (Manga, Comic Layouts, Anthropomorphic)
PBandJ (Fantasy)
strixvanallen (Non-Tradition Medium, Drama, Supporting Character)
usedbooks (Traditional Medium)
VinoMas (Character Design, Reader's Choice Award)
Whirlwynd (Action)
Zac (User Awards)

Do NOT answer in the comments, please use the Google Docs link to make sure your vote counts!!


In addition, the official 2015 ULTIMATE LIST OF NOMINEES has been posted and it is a freaking huge list. Check it out, here:


Here is a special pumpkin-spiced treat from one of our resident Ducks:

This poem was originally left as a comment by Ironscarf on an earlier October news-post. It was too good that I had to post it again.

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KimLuster at 8:07AM, Oct. 26, 2015

Voted!! And that poem is just beautiful!!

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