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DD Radio Play 2016 – Time to Brainstorm

HippieVan at 12:00AM, Aug. 5, 2016

I realized the other day that our last radio play was way back in 2013! We tried to pull one together a while back, but everyone was too busy to do all the organizing and editing. Fortunately for everyone, I’ve recently graduated with a history degree virtually guaranteeing my perpetual unemployment, which means I’ve got plenty of time to devote to a project like this!

I thought about putting out a call for scripts right away, but since I’ve never organized one of these before I’d like to throw around some ideas first. Please check out my thread here:

Some things to think about:
- What do we want out of a script?
- How long should we give writers to submit scripts?
- How should we choose a script?
- The companion comic – should we make changes to how we do it?
- How can everyone help?


Z74 is looking to print and distribute some mini comics! If you're interested in having a portion of your comic printed, the thread is here:


M Organ Art has hit 675 pages! (Adults only!)

Have a comic milestone, a community project or some comic-related news that you'd like to see here? Do you have original art for our newspost image database? Send it to me via PQ or at hippievannews(at), or leave a comment below!
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HippieVan at 7:16PM, Aug. 5, 2016

Thanks for linking to those, oz! I meant to do that but it totally slipped my mind.

Banes at 11:17AM, Aug. 5, 2016

Congraduations on your gratulation! know what I mean. Ashtree, you're right; this site offers a great diversity of fun!

ozoneocean at 9:58AM, Aug. 5, 2016

The DD Operation MOON plays are here: and Here:

ozoneocean at 9:58AM, Aug. 5, 2016

DD has done a LOT of radio play stuff! The three official plays are all here in this one special omnibus Quackcast:

ashtree house at 9:07AM, Aug. 5, 2016

The Duck does radio plays too?? What doesn't this site have! This is a really interesting idea though, I am excited to see what comes from this!

Bruno Harm at 7:34AM, Aug. 5, 2016

Wow. This sounds cool! but the amount of work and coordination is going to be daunting. Maybe start with a length of time you want it to run? then the script can be tailored accordingly. You could let a bunch of people submit scripts and pick the one you think works the best. you could open it up to a vote. That would be more complicated, but more democratic. Maybe a Skype session with interested volunteers to hash out details?

kawaiidaigakusei at 5:32AM, Aug. 5, 2016

Congratulations on graduating, Hippie!!

Gunwallace at 12:08AM, Aug. 5, 2016

I can relate to that History degree thing. But I make a great house husband.

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