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The First Nineteen Minutes

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, Aug. 8, 2016

-art by Gunwallace

I enter the gym, change into my running shorts, running top, black socks, running shoes, and with towel and water bottle in hand, find the cleanest looking elliptical trainer and begin zoning out while listening to the fast paced music playing on the speaker. No matter how many times I have started an exercise routine, I have always felt that the first nineteen minutes of any workout are always the most strenuous, uphill, and exhausting moments. When I see the timer hit twelve minutes, I wonder if I am going to finish the entire hour, by sixteen minutes, I break into my first sweat, my heart rate is up, and I feel the need to fill up on water.

All of a sudden, something interesting happens, and the clock reads twenty-two minutes and twenty-two seconds and I no longer feel any fatigue, I just keep running until I get to thirty-three minutes and thirty-three seconds. The remaining forty minutes of the workout is now just a test of stamina and endurance where I get to feel like I am cruising instead of running a painful race. So remember this when starting something new: It might seem troublesome at first, but do not give up because everything gets a little easier after the initial hurdle at the beginning.

I guess the struggle to get over the first major hurdle of nineteen minutes can also be applied to writing a comic story from the start. The first nineteen pages are usually the exposition and a test as to whether a creator can channel enough time and creativity to start writing the dialogue for a story and actually draw a comic. Once the foundation for a story's setting has been laid, the story begins to come together and at times, can feel like it is writing itself.

The 2016 Olympic Games have finally started and to say that the Olympians have inspired me would really be an understatement. Last night I was tuned into the women's swimming competition and watched Hungarian swimmer, Kantinka Hosszu, earn the gold in the 200m individual medley and break world record. Four years ago, Hosszu competed in the London Olympics and left without any medals. She spent post-London in a depressed state barely leaving her room for one month. Finally, her coach told her to get out of her funk and begin training again. I get so awe-inspired when I hear stories of Olympians going through the struggles of overcoming obstacles because it is oh-so-relatable and common to the human experience.

Speaking of the World Olympics, I find the competition to be a very peaceful way for countries to interact with one another. Of all my groups, I find Drunk Duck to be one of the most culturally diverse communities I know because a lot of the members have different nationalities and backgrounds. I wonder if other countries around the globe have their TV stations tuned into Rio and cheering on a game.

Have you ever thought about which sports the characters in your comics would compete in if they entered in the Olympics? (I feel like there would be a fun community drawing project somewhere in there.)

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bravo1102 at 9:23PM, Aug. 8, 2016

For me doing comics is like few hundred mile road march to do a stint in the trenches. Then after a few months at the front, back on the long March home for leave. The long work out is just a prelude to moments of sheer panic punctuated by long hours of anticipation.

irrevenant at 2:21PM, Aug. 8, 2016

I suspect for me making comics is more like a walk than a marathon. On a good day it might even be a power walk...

Banes at 10:24AM, Aug. 8, 2016

Starting something is always the hard part! When the power of momentum is there it's much better. Another thoughtful, interesting one from kawaii. Good luck with your regime! Er...regiment! Er...REGIMEN!

fallopiancrusader at 5:29AM, Aug. 8, 2016

I agree with Udyr: The Ducklympics will probably need a few extra events, to accommodate the variety of genres represented here. Thus we might have bat-flying(vampires) bone-burying (werewolves) eyeball-laser shooting(superheroes), etc. I will be happy to design the little Olympic logos that represent these new events.

Bruno Harm at 4:47AM, Aug. 8, 2016

Bruno is around 60 years old.. maybe a judge? I like the exercise analogy. I tell people all the time that making comics is a marathon, not a sprint. I watched the women's cycling yesterday, and it was heartbreaking. that woman from Holland was way ahead in the last downhill part of the race and totally wiped out. After miles and miles of grueling work. Then the American was in first place all the way to the last Kilometer, and was past by 3 people. she didn't even get the bronze. The realities I could take away from that are rough.

KimLuster at 4:41AM, Aug. 8, 2016

Wonderful article!! Yes, when doing strenuous activities (hiking, etc...) I know the Second Wind is gonna come, but it's struggle when it does... Once it does, you can go all day!! As for as sports that Kimber Lee and her family enjoy, it's largely like my own family: the kids play baseball and soccer (the former has been shown in the story, the latter will be...), and Daddy coaches them. They love American Football (Dad played but they are hesitant to let the boys play due to concussion issues (they still enjoy as spectators though - hypocrisy?). I've always imagined Kimber Lee herself being competently athletic in any sport she tries... (of course, with the Godstrain's power she can break all the world records...).

irrevenant at 4:30AM, Aug. 8, 2016

Re: stock art I wonder if it would be worth starting a forum thread for that, giving some idea of what art is needed, etc.?

irrevenant at 4:29AM, Aug. 8, 2016

Hmm. Ana would be best suited to a martial art like karate or maybe gymnastics. So she'd probably choose to enter swimming or cycling or something. Where's the challenge in doing something you already excel at?

Udyr at 4:18AM, Aug. 8, 2016

The sport drawing project isnt actually a bad idea! Ypu'd have to divide into special teams considering the characters in this community has zombies, werewolves, fishpeople, superhumans, superanimals, robots... I'd love to see zombie-tennis.

MOrgan at 3:19AM, Aug. 8, 2016

The Ducklympics? Comic characters competing against each other in various sports? Probably have to break it up into super-powered characters and non-powered characters.

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