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Fixing DD: Open Call for Suggestions!

HippieVan at 12:00AM, Feb. 12, 2016

Hi all!

As most of you are probably aware, we are finally in the process of doing some long-overdue fixes to the site. So far we’ve added stats, PQ notifications and fixed a couple other little bugs. We have been gathering suggestions here on DD as well as on Facebook and Google Plus, but I wanted to put out an official call for suggestions so that everyone will have their voice heard.

Here’s how this will work. We’ve put together a simple survey form that you can use to make suggestions or call attention to bugs that you’d like to see fixed. This will be open until Thursday, February 18th. At that point we will put up a new survey where users can choose which changes/fixes they’d most like to see implemented. I have also created a thread that I will be updating with all of the suggestions that we get for informal discussion.

The survey is here:

And the thread is here:

You can make any suggestion you like, of course, but it's probably best to be realistic. Incremental changes for the better are probably what we’re looking at here, not complete overhauls.

And of course, if you want to help make these changes happen, our indiegogo campaign is here:

Have a comic milestone, a community project or some comic-related news that you'd like to see here? Do you have original art for our newspost image database? Send it to me via PQ or at hippievannews(at), or leave a comment below!



ozoneocean at 1:49AM, Feb. 13, 2016

Yup, I HATE this one. Worse is when it says you WERE logged in but when your comment has finished refreshing it turns out you weren't and your comment is lost forever.

KimLuster at 5:04AM, Feb. 12, 2016

Loving the fixes - thanks for all the work, you guys!! So, is it possible, when you're commenting on a comic, to make it so if you're not logged in and don't check anonymous, to perhaps have a javacripty response saying you must do one or the other before commenting instead of just refreshing the page. The refresh causes all of your comment text to be lost (which I've done more times than I can count....).

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