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FEATURED COMIC --> The weird adventures of Armless Amy

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, Feb. 17, 2016

Little Amy is the cutest and sweetest little girl in the post-apocalypse. Of course, her adorable personality seems to attract the strangest of characters from a top hat wearing stranger, happy dolls, white rabbits, Sherry the living doll, Eloise, and Eustace.

This is a mature comic because it deviates from the cute, Utopic world of cute characters and forms a bridge to a darker theme meant for an older audience. That does not mean that Armless Amy is not adorable! Amy is drawn without arms or a nose and her eyes like dinner plates mixed with a blank expression makes her an innocent addition to this very odd existence.

There are scenes with blood, stitches, hooks, missing eyes, red eyes, scary dolls, depictions of muscle tissue underneath the skin, and questionable characters.

The art style is undeniably cute. The character design of Amy could become iconic in popular culture. The font seamlessly blends in with the accompanying art style on the page.

If you live in a world where “Weird” is considered normal, then you absolutely need to check out The weird adventures of Armless Amy by Amalockh1, rated M!

*Special Thanks to Banes for suggesting this feature!




Yan Gevuld at 10:50PM, Feb. 17, 2016

Creepy, it doesn't get any darker...

Banes at 1:15PM, Feb. 17, 2016

Love this comic!

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