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Quackcast 255 - Drunk Duck Improvement Drive

ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Jan. 26, 2016


We're trying to fix up Drunk Duck, adding the the comic statistics back in, fixing forums, adding notifications to PQs and MORE, but we need money to do it. In this Quackcast, Ozoneocean, Banes, and Pitface talk about the improvements we want to have on DD, and what YOU can do to help us out.
Please consider donating to our Indiegogo fund-raising drive to help us pay our programmer:
There are a LOT of cool perks you can have including your own Quackcast interview all about YOU, original art from The creator of Modest Medusa, Charby the Vampirate and others, a 126 page Modest Medusa comic for only $10 and much more!
If you can't spare any change, please consider spreading the word to your readers.
Remember, these fixes are for everyone, by donating to DD you're helping yourself. :D

Topics and shownotes

Featured comic:
Mindfold -

Please contribute to help DD -
Quackcast 255 VIDEO -
Campaign Newspost:
Campaign update:

Special thanks to:
Gunwallace -
Banes -
Pitface -

The theme song by Gunwallace this week was for:
Plymayer -
It's title is 6! This is what Gunwallace has to say:
6 … is this a theme for a comic? … no! It could be a theme for X Up, it does have some Wah Wah guitar (the sexiest guitar) after all, but it isn’t. This is a theme for the number 6. That number that a certain user, plymayer, gives to comics all when he feels they deserve it. A 6. A 6 out of 5. This is a theme for a concept. The concept of a supportive DD’er. To plymayer … and to every 6 he has handed out. (Okay, so it’s also a theme for X Up … but don’t tell anyone).



ozoneocean at 4:06PM, Jan. 27, 2016

Possibly. It would be a pain to change the main logo but it's a possibility we could go back to Drunk Duck as the main URL, instead of just a redirect as it is now. I also personally own "DDwebcomics", so that's always a possibility, that also works as a redirect!

irrevenant at 1:38AM, Jan. 27, 2016

Hey question: I notice both the Indiegogo campaign and this Quackcast use the name 'Drunk Duck'. Are we going back to that name? That would be pretty cool.

ozoneocean at 6:14PM, Jan. 26, 2016

Supporting DD gets us all hot and bothered. :D

Ironscarf at 1:41PM, Jan. 26, 2016

I've been souping up my wah wah pedal for the last five years, but it's still not as sexy as this.

KimLuster at 7:56AM, Jan. 26, 2016

Is it cold in here? ;)

ozoneocean at 6:46AM, Jan. 26, 2016

We LOVE perky people! Pit is quite perky... I know. That always makes ME perky, and Banes has never been anything but... a butt.

Prototype at 5:40AM, Jan. 26, 2016

Good perks on offer there. I'm feeling very perky about the whole thing.

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