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QUACKCAST 291 - The philosophy and politics of comics

ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Oct. 4, 2016

Raphael's School of Athens.

This week's Quackcast is brought to us by Tantz Ariene! Tantz is a very political creature, seeing as she comes from Athens which is pretty much the birthplace of politics AND philosophy, that's hardly surprising. Clever Tantz in her tantzglasses, dudeman Banes, and me,Ozoneocean all talk about this interesting subject: what are the politics and philosophy involved in YOUR webcomic? Even though we don't realise it, there's ALWAYS politics of some sort in a comic, as well as philosophy. If your writing is pretty clever you might have multiple political view points in your comic and a whole range of different philosophies!
Consider something as basic as Peanuts. Those characters have all sorts of political viewpoints! Peppermint Pattie is very forthright in her feminist views, but she's also pretty left wing, Lucy is rather domineering and and right off centre in the way she thinks, Charlie Brown is a bit of a fatalist blank slate for the audience to project themselves onto, Linus is a quiet intellectual… etc, I don't know, it's been years since I've read Peanuts! Gimmee a break!
In superhero comics it's the same; most of them are pretty right wing, libertarian, individualist sorts of characters- Batman for example, Iron man, etc. There's a good argument for Superman being somewhat more Socialist since he's an ordinary man with an ordinary job most of the time and works out in the open for the good of all humanity, while Batman is a super rich guy most of the time and when he's doing hero stuff it's usually smaller scale vigilante type stuff against people who threaten his city, or commerce in his city like thieves and the Mafia.
Try it yourself! Examining the politics and philosophy of your OWN characters as well as classic ones is pretty interesting.

Gunwallace's theme this week is for Krasnosvit, a subtle, careful, fairytale theme, inducing you into the dark forest strangeness of Krasnosvit.

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ozoneocean at 6:20PM, Oct. 6, 2016

I don't know if it's deeper meaning per se, it's just that politics and philosophy is everywhere regardless.

usedbooks at 1:33PM, Oct. 5, 2016

Any deeper meaning in my work is unintentional.

ozoneocean at 4:26AM, Oct. 5, 2016

Pinky TA has politics under the surface. It's not hard to identify the political bent of characters though, for me anyway!

ozoneocean at 1:40AM, Oct. 5, 2016

Ahhhh, I get ya!

bravo1102 at 8:59PM, Oct. 4, 2016

Anything worth reading is usually gone by the second draft.

bravo1102 at 8:57PM, Oct. 4, 2016

No, my scripts.

ozoneocean at 6:21PM, Oct. 4, 2016

@ bravo- is that a reference to the Quackcast itself? :)

bravo1102 at 6:08PM, Oct. 4, 2016

It's often in the rough draft, but gets cut for length.

moizmad at 1:42PM, Oct. 4, 2016

My comic has many political and philosophic topics....unfortunately none of them can be identified.

KimLuster at 9:51AM, Oct. 4, 2016

Will listen to this when I get home, but no doubt I dip into the 'nature of reality' philosophy quite a bit...!!

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