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Quackcast 332 - The trouble with immortality

ozoneocean at 12:00AM, July 18, 2017


In this Quast we talk about immortality, which is a common trope in literature. Who seeks immortality in stories? It's usually bad guys, and it usually has some sort of extreme price,catch or dark side, so much so that people actually believe that if immortality WAS real that it would somehow be an evil thing. The fact is that most of the possible downsides are cultural constructions or justifications for our own mortality, if immortality WAS a real thing we don't really know what the down sides would be… But this means that the trope of immortality is not as limited as we've come to believe; it's wide open to be re-written and redefined.
And a not, the story mentioned in the Quackcast was The Trouble With Lichen and it was by John Wyndham, not Roald Dahl.

Gunwallace's theme for the week was for The Beard. This one is creepy and magical, just the type of music you’d associate with alien hair follicles, it brings to mind strange activity on a microscopic level inside the skin… unsettling!

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The Cherub Brothers -

Immortality from this thread -
Trouble with lichen by John Wyndham -
Quotes at the start from Hamlet -,_or_not_to_be

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The Beard -, by Trinket Trance, rated M.



ozoneocean at 2:08AM, July 19, 2017

Immortality is not worth it as a final goal, but it is certainly 100% worth it as a thing to have! I mean, it's like having the acquisition of a fancy computer as your final goal... Why do you want it? But if playing great games and using your computer to make masterful artwork or films is the goal then it's the perfect thing to have. Immortality isn't the end, it's just a means to that end. :)

Avart at 11:56PM, July 18, 2017

Excellent topic! My manga includes immortality in the form of vampires. This is always like the final goal for the villains, but... is it really worth it?

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