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FEATURED COMIC --> Will Draw for Food

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, June 7, 2017

Will Draw for Food is a semi-autobiographical, slice-of-life, day in the life comic of Jim, a hungry webcomic creator. Some pages hint at the realities of finding food that some comic creators have to experience like having to buy raw ingredients to make bread. Several of the strips deal with the struggles of daily drawing life like having to come up with content for a new strip. In more recent updates, Jim dives into the world of relationships when he introduces a new character, Jordan.

The comic is drawn in black and white and is mostly created using digital ink.

If you have ever drawn a webcomic, or have a family of pet cats, then you should read Will Draw for Food by JimShawArt, rated E!




ozoneocean at 12:03AM, June 7, 2017

Nice pick for feature!

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