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Can Comic Heroes and Their Comic Books Co-Exist?

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, March 6, 2017

Logan Copyright 2017 20th Century Fox

Like any loyal X-Men fan, I made my way to the theater to watch Logan during its opening weekend last night. Before the screening, I had been watching reviews that mentioned the film's “R” rating and how it traded its wide audience in exchange for more mature action scenes. There is a fine detail that many comic lovers have been talking about and it is the appearance of an X-Men comic book that plays an important role in the film.

Initially, the comic book looked very similar to the art style of the Uncanny X-Men comic books from the 1990s. The comic books that appeared in the film were drawn in a similar art style as the original series due to legal copyrights and the film's very dedicated art department.

The interesting image of showing a character from a comic living in a world where said comic exists is made possible because of the timeline of events. The film takes place in an alternate future, so it is a possibility that the X-Men were real life superheroes and the comic books were written based on them in the world of Logan. It was fun to see the way other characters interacted with Wolverine based on his comic character.



Banes at 8:10PM, March 7, 2017

"It's got water."

Banes at 8:03PM, March 7, 2017

Got to see it last night. Oh my Lord. What a movie. What a sendoff for Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. It was hard and gritty, full of emotion. One of the best comic book movies that's been done. So much recommended!

The PathFinder at 10:35AM, March 7, 2017

Check out The PathFinder Chapter 1 and 2 out now

KimLuster at 9:28AM, March 7, 2017

Interesting stuff! I hope I never run across anything that suggest I'm a super-heroine in another reality - while my body aches when I get up in the morning in this one... ;)

bravo1102 at 3:56PM, March 6, 2017

Watch the Man who Shot Liberty Valence. Look at the accounts of 19th Century popular authors and the Western Heroes they popularized back east. It goes back to real history in the American West. Real people were doing real things and writers were selling fictionalized accounts for popular reading. "This is the west,{or superhero} sir, when the legend becomes fact, print the legend."

Banes at 1:19PM, March 6, 2017

Ah! Interesting! So they couldn't use an actual X-Men comic in the movie? Didn't know that. I'm greatly looking forward to seeing Logan!

thunderdavid at 11:46AM, March 6, 2017

Definitely rate R. But it was worth the money. And Deadpool trailer was great. Deadpool and the phone booth.

ozoneocean at 8:05AM, March 6, 2017

This film is getting goo reviews. I'll have to see it. I hate Jackman with that look though, it reminds me too much of the crazy bear that Mel Gibson had morphed into.

EssayBee at 7:03AM, March 6, 2017

In She-Hulk, thanks to the stamp of the Comics Code Authority, Marvel comics are legit legal documents for superhuman law cases, so Marvel has a history of having fun with this concept. If memory serves, comics are pulpy retellings of actual superhero events (although I suspect all the secret identity content is missing from Marvel Universe Marvel comics). There are all sorts of common sense problems with the concept (e.g., would the government really sanction comics like the X-Men that humanize a segment of the populace the government was trying to demonize and eliminate?), but it's fun if you don't think too hard about it (and they made for a fun read in those Dan Slott She-Hulks).

KAM at 6:48AM, March 6, 2017

Goes back, at least, as far as All Star Comics #3 back in 1940 where Johnny Thunder is shown looking at the comics featuring himself and the other JSAers before being whisked to the meeting of the JSA. Marvel and DC comics in the sixties stated in-story that publishers had permission to produce comics based on the heroes. Presumably the stories published in the super-hero universes were different from what we read (secret identities and other such stuff presumably being a no-no. ;-) )

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