Episode 11 Part 2 - Amelius and Evil Emperor Nick Continue Invading!

Jan 18, 2011

This podcast is Part 2 of Episode 11, where the interview with guests Amelius and Evil Emperor Nick (of Charby the Vampirate and Cwen's Quest) continues! Lots of discussion about writing and influences in this half as well as some good advice.

Topics and Show Notes

* Amy and Nick talk about their writing and its improvement, their influences, and how Deadpool got ruined
* Amy's mass of characters and what Nick likes to do with them, Amy and Nick's favorites, and which Charby character Nick is most like (and how much Oz loves that character)
* Four people can't manage to talk without interrupting each other or trying to talk all at once
* Nick and Amy talk about their writing preferences and process, and Nick has some writing advice and describes how he gets feedback
* Finding your inspiration and being out of your depth, and thoughts on fan fiction
* Oz gets bleeped
* The burden of fame, popularity advice, communication misunderstandings and engaging with the community
* Lessons learned, being unexpected, payoff and "fan disservice" (our new favorite term)

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