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How to create a simple sprite comic

dumpledorked at 5:44PM, Oct. 1, 2007

To get you started

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First of all, what is a sprite comic? A comic about the popular soda? Comics about a guy named sprite? The history of sprite comics have been going on for quite some time now, with hits such as “Zelda Comics” “8-bit Theater” And many others. A sprite comic is a comic made up of pixelated characters and backgrounds. Much like other comics, only with sprites. The best way to start of is to actually READ some sprite comics. Ones that are actually good. So look in drunk duck, or smackjeeves, or whatever.

Getting sprites and backgrounds is the most needed thing for a sprite comic. duh.
Places to find them are-
Spriters resource
Shyguy kingdom
background headquarters

When you find what you like,press the print screen button and copy it into paint.

So you found your sprites. And backgrounds. Now move whatever sprites and backgrounds you are going to use into one program.
What to do next? Well first make sure that your sprites on the backgrounds is white. use the paintbucket. But wait, theres a problem! When you do that, look!

Do you see that leftover red? That happens to some sprites. just fill it in with white, to be simple.

Much better.
Anyways, make your panel sizes. choose what's right for you, but either way it should look something like this (If you don't use backgrounds)-

Notice the thick lines between the panels so you can tell the differnce in each panel. Now what you need to do is plan out your joke. tell it to a couple of people to make sure its funny. then do the following-

Copy and paste your disired sprites into each panel. Make sure the select tool is set to “Transparent”.

Don;t do the text though, just the sprites. Now here's some text styles-

1. Color coded- Basicly, each character has his own specialy colored text.
2.Textbox- These are used when people get lazy, they have no tail and are just a box with text.
3. Text bubbles- these have tails leading to the person talking, and ar NOT color coded.

There are many ways to do text. Find the one you like.

Hopefully you'll come up with a better joke than me.
Well, thats it for me. Theres tutorials out there for editing sprites and such, but this is just getting started. Hope it helped :)

Nah its not really the end :)
Lets go into a more detailed textbox-
Step 1- Set primary color to black and secondary color to white.
Step 2- Select Oval/Circle/Box tool and create a shape.
Step 3- Get your font ready. set the font color to whatever color you want.
Step 4- Type whatever you want in.
Step 5- Make a little triangle pointing to whoever is talking and fill it in with white.
Step 6- Look anything like this?

There you go! Now here's some tips-
When selecting sprites, make sure the only sprite you have is the one you want! Don't do this-
Make sure its like this-

Also, make sure if your using a background to have it set to transparent when you move a sprite over, otherwise it will turn out ugly, like so-

Now go read some more tutorials if you didn't understand this! Hope it helped, and err, its not the end yet, I just havn't completely finished the tutorial..So see you later!

Okay im back! Im getting abit into detail now? Anyways, if any of you are wondering how to add a background, heres some steps-
Step 1-Get a background you like and copy and paste it into paint.
Stretch it to fit into your panel, but that makes it look a bit ugly sometimes, so you might want to just make your panel as big as the background.
Step 3- Add a thick black outline around it to show its a panel.
Step 4- Add sprites, textboxes, and other things and you might have something like this, if not better-

Understand? No? To bad!

Okay, now lets talk about minor edits. These are edits to the sprite that show emotion, or motion, or anything really. It gives the reader a feel of whats going on. An example would be-
1. If a character it angry, put some angry brows on and perhaps add a hand pointing to the person he's yelling at.
2. When a person is talking, make a mouth to show it.
3. If a character is in pain, add closed eyes and a large open mouth as if he was screaming to the gods.

There are many other ways to add edits. Heres and example of a good edit, and a bad one-

Remember not to go to overboard on it or it will look…Bad…

Okay, i'll update this tutorial whenever!

Guess what? Im baaack! Telling you about Two toned backgrounds. How many of you know about these demons? Backgrounds with only two colors that usualy (And unfortunatly) Use the brightest colors they can find. There boring and they make your eyes bleed. This is an example of a most used one-

See how HORRIBLE it is? This one is better-

Now, im not encouraging you to use two toned backgrounds. In fact you probrably should drop it and get some real ones. But for a begginer if your going to make a two toned background make it not to bright colors, and not to dark colors.
Why not to dark? look here-

Now that would look good if you want it nighttime, bur t otherwise use the RIGHT colors.

And i'm off, teaching you more and more about sprite comics!

Guess who's back? inverting. Bitmixing. All will be tought.
Okay newbies, im here telling you not to bit mix. What? You don't know what bit mixing is? Say we had an NES, And a Sega genesis and we put them into the same comic. One is 16-bit and the other is 8-bit. It looks ugly-

Yeah. But wiat! Theres a way to change 16-bit into 8-bit!
Step 1- Select one color from the sprite and change all of its simaliar colors into that.
Step 2- Do that untill each color is 8-bitified.
Sorry its very hard to explain. Here's an example though-

Now some sprites it looks pretty ugly, but its better than completely bit mixing. but if you can, I'd avoid this at all. But if you really need a 16-bit sprite in a 8-bit comic, do this please!
Adn another lesson tought by me, DUMPLEDORKED!

Okay im back! Oh, and also if you learn anything from this tutorial PM so I know that all this typing was worth it!

Okay, now im sure all of you have done this before to mess around. You draw a picture and use the INVERT button on paint to make it look wierd and stuff. Well that is overused in comics. There are places to use this, and places not to.
1. Dont use it if you want to make a person look angry. remember, “Minor edits”
2. If you'r making an action scene and someone gets hit, and you want to make it actually look like they got hit, but you don't want to use blood, then invert that single frame.
3. Don't use it just to be funny, its not funny unless it has a punchline, i've seen people do this-

HAHAHAHA! thats so funny! he stands and all the sudden his colors get inverted! hahahahahaha! Its not funny.
4. Be creative and figure out what looks good when its inverted. If it looks kinda plain when you invert it, touch it up a bit to make it look EXACTLY how you want.

Now since this tutorial is getting to be VERY long, i'll move into spriting next. see you then!

Okay, guess who's back? Anywho, lets talk about recolors. Now, advanced people should skip this, becuase recolors are noobish, but its good to get you started.

Now and then, look at this example of a recolor, its a very bad sprite, with a VERY bad recolor, take a look-

This was definatly rushed. It looks horrible. Now here's a good recolor-

Nice. Now here's how to do it-
Step 1- Get a sprite. Any sprite.
Step 2- Select ONE color from the sprite using the eyedrop thing, select the brightest color.
Step 3- Get your own color, make it bright.
Step 4- Make sure the current color is your primary color, and your secondary color is the one you want to change it to.
Step 5- Select the eraser tool and hold down the right mouse button while dragging it through the sprite.
Step 6- Some colors have changed? Well, now do that with the rest of the colors, Dark green to dark red, light purple to light yellow, and so on.

It may be confusing, but it will help you at points. But don't rely on recolors, to much recolors are annoying and ugly.

Okay, lets talk about action scenes. yes, sprite comics have those. But some people make it to rushed and you cant see whats going on, like this-

I think I got lost after “Bring it” The battle are horrible! Let me point out some mistakes-
1. Its rushed, one second there on the left side of the panel, the next second there on the right!
2. Its the same sprite the whole fight, only rotated and added blood.…Thats horrible. Add punching sprites, kicks, blood..
3. The blood looks bad, its just lines.

Thats why it stinks. Here's a much better one-

Now its not the best, but its MUCH better, here's why-
1. Good use of motion blurs.
2. Blood, but not too much.
3. You can understand whats going on.
4. Sound effects.

Now if your going to make an action scene, follow these rules-
2. Use special effects
3. Use sound effects
4. Use more than one sprite (Which means don't use just a standing sprite of each person)
5. Make it so the reader can understand whats happening.

Well, thats all for today about action scenes! Hope you learned something!

So…You wanna do an author comic? it can be fun making an “Online” Author comic, but there are a few things you should understand. First of all, people won't join instantly, or if you update every hour or so. It leaves them left out. Don't use chat speak, even if its supposed to be like an mmorpg, dont use it.
B-cuz liek I sad so lolz!

And make sure to esablish rules for the authors, becuase in some comics ive seen that are author comics, its mostly for little kids, but one comic shows sex, drugs, and rock and roll.
I didn't want to see that. Lolz I liek so dnt wnt tu c tht u no?

Okayty, lets talk splicing. Its another form of spriting, by getting two sprites and putting them together. Here's how to do it (In comic form)

Learn anything? Do this alot and you can use at least 5 differnt sprites to make it look exactly how you want to look. For begginers, use 2 sprites to slice.



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