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how to draw manga: how to draw close ups on faces

oz100 at 8:40AM, Dec. 28, 2007

this tutorial is for learning how to draw the up close faces of manga

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in this tutorial you will be learning how to draw manga people,
let's begin:

first we will learn how to draw a full face shot.

1:start by drawing an egg shape

2:then put a cross inside of it

3:now add a V shape to the bottem of the egg

4: now make two curved lines that connect the bottem of the V to where the two tops of it are

5:now erase the V shape, and take the line in the center and connect it to the bottem of the chin

6:now add two lines as shown in the picture, these will be your eye lines, that means you will place the eyes in this area

7: now add three circles, two in the eye lines and on a little bit under them in the center line

8: next add detail to the eyes

9: now add the nose in side of the nose circle, and then add the mouth under it, oh and remember erase the un-needed lines while you'r drawing

10: now erase all un-needed lines and add eyebrows and ears

11: now add the hair, and erase any of the not needed head

12: now it's finished!! hooray!!! now if you would like to add color thats always a fun thing to do.



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