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I am FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~EE! …well, now what?

Real Name: Casey "Altimas" Ross (yes, Altimas is my middle name)
Age: 15 (1/24/93)
Sex: Male
Top 5 Favorite Animes:

5. Moon Phase
4. Negima!
3. Naruto
2. Blood Plus

and my #1 favorite is…



Doom spreads in all directions, you just can't see it with your eyes -Casey Altimas Ross

Emotions are just programs human beings call "hope" -Robot Master 00 Ver. 2, Altimas

I never agreed to help anyone, but I never agreed to hurt anyone either… -Altimas the Echidna

Those are my quotes/my character's catchphrases

that's my groups Logo, Darksteel Productions, It's composed of Me, Dred, Vindu, and masterdx

I'm Darksteel Productions Member No. 3


Altimatium- update daily
Altimatium.EXE- 1-2 a week
Sonic and The Twisted Era- WILL BE REMADE!
TAoAaM- Writer's block, so…hiatus for a week
PkMn TA- 1-4 times a week
SaYT- …doesn't even exist yet

Comics By Altimas

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What REALLY happened in the Megaman games? After Protoman defected and ran away Dr. Wily created Robot Master 00 V2 Altimas. Altimas' whereabouts are unknown as of the after the 5th MM game. The question is... what happened after the 5th MM game?
  • Fantasy |
  • 3 pages |
  • last: July 7 2011 |
The Battle Network alternate of Altimatium
  • Fantasy |
  • 0 pages |
  • last:  |
A Sonic comic

Comics Assisted By Altimas

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  • Fantasy |
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a hand drawn version of Altimas' comic "Altimatium"
  • Fantasy |
  • 1 page |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
Err... I was bored?
  • Fantasy |
  • 44 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
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We have no need for your 'descriptions'! We see them for what they are! They are just there to steal our souls! Well too bad! You can't have our souls!
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Wooo a comic about megaman or just someone else

Comics Recomended By Altimas

An action packed sprite comic about a brave warrior that defends Justice throughout the world. With some useless junk in between.

Dice, The self-proclaimed king of Stoners, and Homicide, the Angel of Death fight against pot prejudice and fight for legalization.

A different version of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories storyline. Random, but still follows a convoluted story. This is an older comic that ran from 2004-2006, which may be continued one day.

A fanfic with the characters of the DBZ universe plus customs

A party of a fighter, mage, and rogue sit around, get drunk, launch cows, and kick all ass with amazing photoshop colors. All this and more in Dungeons and Dumbasses, It's DnD exactly like you've seen it before!

The year is 22XX...or 23XX...something like that. The world has survived yet another apocalypse somehow, and the world was in a grip of terror from the nightmare regime of Neo Arcadia, that is, until Ciel brought back Sigma.

Brought to you by the FOX network, it's Feeling Rushed!! Starring Sonimy and Shadow.

Back on the net after a long absence, this story follows Jeremy and his friends as they explore a world changed like they never thought possible.

Life with a bunch of ninja's, what else is there to know

this is the story of the game kirby super star....with some twists of my own, ep.1-125 have already been made and are a few months old

It's about friends, who live in the same house, who get drunk, and things happens to them, and then more friends appears, and they all get drunk again... it's just like your life.

The tales of what happens to Megaman and Co. outside of the games.

This story starts as Zero Dies at Ragornot...

Take a group of the video game characters and have them roam the universe, have reality be a program on a laptop belonging to an imp creature, and you'll have Mixed Bag Comics. (And yes, if it's not obvious, this IS a sprite comic)

Sonic and Tails have grown bored of living in the country and have decided to move to the city, at least that's what Sonic decided. Warning: Contains Magi, demonic landlords, a crazy green guy, and suffering, lots and lots of suffering.

Yewah has been for a long time has been heralded as a great scientist and programer together with his colleagues and freinds they have created the author world programs.

Three kids, from three different regions, each having a different goal, travel together throughout the region of Hoenn.

A sprite comic based on Fire Emblem (7). The travels and adventures of a dysfunctional group of fighters.

A couple of months after the deletion of NebulaGrey, Netto and RockMan have peaceful days once again. However, a new organization would try to interrupt those days, but with what goal?

This is a comic about all sonic-characters, with most comedy, but some serious things too

A Mega Man sprite comic based after the classic Mega Man series, sometime after Mega Man 9, however using the graphic style of Mega Man 7. In an attempt to become human, Rock and Roll go to Dr. Light, but when converted, there is a miscalculation.

Sonic's on college... WITH SHADOW AS HIS ROOMMATE?! (this story is not in Another Sonic Comic's Storyline)

Take one happy-go-lucky hedgehog, an disgruntled emerald guardian, an ex-weapon of mass destruction and put them in the same house as a fox that makes giant robots in his spare time. You'll see clone armies, vampire girlfriends and stanist weddings. Fun.

A weird organization is out there getting people to work for them by sending messages by phone? Go check it out!

A tournament/story based around the super smash bros game series.

A "Nintendo's Untold Legends" Spin-off featuring the bizarre universe Takira has found and has made her vacation home... Until her friends (and some annoyances) show up.

Dr. Light and Dr. Wily create an interdimensional portal that allows a magi-priest of a dark god into thier world. What happens next? Well you'll need to read and find out.

sprite comic on mega man or Megaman or rockman battle network. Most of the custom sprites are by me. It is the story of a new criminal organisation called the Delettion against Mega man and his friends and a new do-gooders organisation called the Moon.

People trapped in a video game fighting for their life. sprite comic fire emblem style

A megaman series(all) based comic, about the various megaman series eventually leading up to a battle with that which sunk Atlantis!

Two friends enter the limitless potential of the VRC (Virtual Reality Console), and embark on the adventures they've always dreamed of. Well, in videogames, anyway...

The fate of the unviverse in in their hands... we're so screwed!

It's between tournaments, so Ken and Ryu have nothing to do except try to pick up the ladies. While they may not be as young as they used to be, their adventures prove that they are still young studs!


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zaneeba_slave at 6:26PM, Feb. 9, 2008

Thank ye, mister Altimus, for adding me as your friend.

Evil_Pumpkin at 12:44AM, Feb. 3, 2008

Al the cool kids were doing it ... no... wait, thats not it... err... Lets just say that i like to befriend good sprite editors ^^

Chaz McRich at 9:32AM, Feb. 2, 2008


Chaz McRich at 7:52PM, Feb. 1, 2008

Well great! Now I'm dead! NO MORE UPDATES!!! EVAR!!!!!!!

Chaz McRich at 3:26PM, Feb. 1, 2008

Well SCREW YOUR POLICY!!! Ha ha, I'm just kidding.

Leon the Armadilldo at 11:53PM, Jan. 28, 2008

you can draw stuff in paint without a mouse?

Shadow_X at 6:37PM, Jan. 13, 2008

Thanks for the add and comment. You did some nice work on your comics, keep up the good work.

DDAY242 at 4:28PM, Dec. 30, 2007

thanks for the tuturials

Zippo Prower at 4:30PM, Dec. 2, 2007

Thanks for the add dude.

Discet at 9:09PM, Nov. 28, 2007

No problem man

Cain at 3:57PM, Nov. 28, 2007

thanks 4 the add!! ^_^

Flashlight Antics at 11:25PM, Nov. 23, 2007

Love the comics, dood. And remember...RE:'s are good for you ;)

Leon the Armadilldo at 8:56PM, Nov. 22, 2007

neet cover... also, BOOT TO THE HEAD!!! XD

ManaBlitz at 6:29AM, Nov. 18, 2007

Good day random adder who's comics I've read before! Thnks for the add! :D

Dred at 3:51AM, Nov. 18, 2007

*gasp* you have five comics? For that I shall honot you with my BOOT TO THE HEAD!

DShadow at 2:59AM, Nov. 18, 2007


Conned at 4:42PM, Nov. 14, 2007

Ahh but I see Naruto is in your Top 5.. Now don't get me wrong, Naruto is great, but Naruto Shippudden is boring. ...Well I got tired of waiting for exciting episodes.

Conned at 8:17AM, Nov. 14, 2007

Thanks for the add Altimas :D My brothers been trying to get me to watch Death Note... :0 You forgot to mention how great Bleach is!

Chaz McRich at 5:16PM, Nov. 13, 2007

Thanks for the add chum!

Dracosun at 5:31PM, Nov. 9, 2007

By the way, I like the avatar

leaderofstars at 10:14AM, Nov. 2, 2007

you use crack. yeah right can i have some?

Leon the Armadilldo at 11:49PM, Oct. 31, 2007

yeah i guess

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