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Yo,Vegadara here.I made this account To read the series i like,Namely Hukkah,Frank and Vinny And Stickman and Cube.Im a 13-Year-Going-to-be-14-this-year-Year Old.I'm a Dahk LOWRD UF THEE SYTH.Ah Yes,Typo's.Anyways,I like American comic's,Manga,Webcomic's,Star-war's,Anime,Techno/Dubstep type Music,Rock/Metal,And other stuff.I have a chihuahua Named taco and I play A Buncha' Video game's.That is all.WAIT,it is not all.BIO TIME!
Name:Dude.What kind of fucking question is this you stalker?Naw,Im just messin' wit' ya.It's Zach.Adress me as so,Or Lord Vegadara.Or Lord Zach.
Age:13 Biatch!
Ethnicity:Too many to count.Mainly Arabic,Spanish,White and African.
Hobbies:Pwning People on Halo,Call of Duty,gears Of war,Devil may Cry,Mortal kombat,streetfighter,Shiz like that.Reading,Listening to Music,watching Shiz,And Sleeping.I sleep like 13-15 Hour's every day.Oh and Surfing the web.Hanging out with my Friend Machi(Machinima),On Halo.Reading Creepypasta,Going on,And Homestuck.Lot's of Homestuck.Gamzee FTW!
Look's:What? are you gonna try to find me? ;n; OH NOEZ.I Dont wanna get raped! ;n;.I have Brown eyes,And Thick,Curly-Spike Hair that is black.I have a buff Torso,And am about 5'2''.DAMMIT,I WANNA BE TALL ;n; Im warning you,I have a taser.
Favorite Food:Pizza roll's and Chocolate milk.Not the Healthiest thing,but I like it.Pizza roll's can also be replaced by Pizza In general.
Favorite Comic:Saint Oniisan,Or Naruto.
Oh and I Love Legend of Zelda.And Mario,And pokemon.I love anything from Nintendo in general.

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