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& my other work has moved to my new profile (KaKaRoTtO_cOmIx)

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luvtehcomix at 4:28PM, Aug. 21, 2009

*sigh* please don't talk like that. anyways, 's going pretty good, just uploaded my 100th picture to deviantart. and i'm gonna try working on some comics in a bit.

saphirewolf at 10:47AM, Aug. 20, 2009

Hi kakarotto63

ChrisTH at 9:15PM, Aug. 2, 2009

Well good luck with your new comics =3

luvtehcomix at 3:19PM, July 28, 2009

well, i certainly wasn't giving it 2000 pageviews.

luvtehcomix at 3:01PM, July 28, 2009

sorry i couldn't fight dude, it's really tricky to sync up our online times. also, i don't think the extra views had to do with me, i think it might be because there's only, like, 40 zelda comics on this site, and there's hundreds of mario comics.

luvtehcomix at 1:04PM, July 28, 2009

sorry, dude. i know you're young and you don't quite get the etiquette of this stuff yet, but you don't tell people to rate and comment. you just present your stuff, and enjoy the comments and rates as they come. (don't get me wrong, i like your comics, i'm just warning you so you don't potentially annoy some people) anyways, wanna go battle? bt3 or brawl?

luvtehcomix at 12:21PM, July 28, 2009

hey, sorry i couldn't brawl, i got bored, and went to play gotcha force for a while. as for bt3, my code is: 524115385513

luvtehcomix at 10:19AM, July 28, 2009

well, y'know, i try to keep up. you're a nice kid, 'n' i wanna support ya. wanna play some brawl?

luvtehcomix at 9:34AM, July 11, 2009

but yeah, i'm good to play, pretty much whenever...

luvtehcomix at 9:34AM, July 11, 2009

sorry for a late response... it's like, 12:30 here, 'n' i just woke up...

luvtehcomix at 6:03PM, July 8, 2009

weird. anyways, i'm back, i'll be on in a sec...

luvtehcomix at 5:31PM, July 8, 2009

gotta go get donuts, be back in a minute, sorry.

luvtehcomix at 3:02PM, July 8, 2009

well, if you're talking to your grandma, there's not really anything you can do. cool, message me when you wanna fight.

luvtehcomix at 1:50PM, July 8, 2009

i'm ready. let's go!

luvtehcomix at 11:43AM, July 8, 2009

i think my internet's just being retarded. it's usually better around 5:00 or so, so maybe later...

luvtehcomix at 10:37AM, July 8, 2009

nah nah, i'm not pissed or anything, i'm just sayin' "hey don't worry, you're not the first one to do it!" i'm bored. wanna play some smash bros.?

luvtehcomix at 7:56AM, July 8, 2009

i should probably just fav them, so you don't have to update me each time (less hassle, you know...)

luvtehcomix at 8:08PM, July 7, 2009

i think i've had enough for tonight, but tomorrow's cool.

luvtehcomix at 7:43PM, July 7, 2009

oh, i thought you were done. sure, i'll go reset things.

luvtehcomix at 7:15PM, July 7, 2009

's not lettin' me join! i dunno, maybe my internet's just retarded... ima keep tryin'...

luvtehcomix at 6:57PM, July 7, 2009

that was kinda the intention, yes. 2535-3304-0034

luvtehcomix at 5:59PM, July 7, 2009

well, my good controller just broke, and my other one doesn't work as well, but it can still play... ... so, yes.

luvtehcomix at 3:22PM, July 7, 2009

thanks.:) i'll be pretty busy this summer, but expect a new WoA to be set up in the near future.

luvtehcomix at 11:51AM, July 7, 2009

that just seems too bad about woa. hey, it's your decision, i won't argue. also, not to sound like i'm stealing your idea, but i just think it's a really cool idea, so i might start something like that myself...

luvtehcomix at 11:48AM, July 7, 2009

just f.y.i.: i don't really use my youtube account anymore, i don't really make anymore videos (yet). i mostly just watch stuff, so don't expect to see anything new on there any time soon.

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