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——Organization Title——–
Number X- The Eye Rapist (slipknot6SIC6)

—— Organization XIII Members ——–

I - The Prehistoric Leader (Shadow Dinosaur)
II - The Modest Spriter (xVegitox)
III - The Last Jester (Zaniac)
IV - The Smoking Ace (Exxtasy69)
V - The Freaky Fro (BrawlLucas)
VI - The Klueless Loaf (PKNESS)
VII - The Alpha Ghost (XM0stLyGhOstLyX)
VIII - The Cool One (Poonipoonz)
IX - The Eccentric Artisan (ZoomtheHedgehog)
X - The Eye Rapist (slipknot6SIC6)
XI - The Typo King (BetaFlameEXE)
XII - The King of Nicks (TheLuigiMan)
XIII - The Lucky Sketcher (Lexxorodius)

About Me!
Age: 14
Gender: Penis
Hair: Blackish Brownish
Interests: Comics, music, Digimon Masters Online <— only MMORPG I enjoy, not playing football, wrestling <— cause it keeps me fit, and I don't have run into people all day =/ and most of all FRIENDS!!!!
Dislikes: Stealing, people asking noob questions, dicks, school <— if it weren't for me being able to hang with my friends I would either burn the school down or ditch every day and hope my parents don't find out, ummm oh and people who get in the top ten for making 700 pages of 6 paneled shit *cough*superpee*cough*
Features: I am working on getting my 6 pack back, um 5'5 to 5'7, 130 pounds, and that's all you need to know you rapists
Game FC's

My FC for SSBB is

Pokemon FC's

My Current Thoughts and Ideas
Working on a DBZ comic =O
Good Fiends
Brawllucas:This guy was part of the inspiration of my comic, before I had a DD account. I remember I used to hound him for maps and stuff, and now he does it to me XD—But it's okay, I love you doood

PKNESS: A very nice person who has left me extremely encouraging comments since comic #11. This guys is really nice and has a great new comic

XM0stLyGhOstLyX: This mother fucker here IP hacked me, but all is good now, I tricked him into thinking I was a psycho who kills dogs :D

xVegitox: Diis GuY Miin is probably the best at everything he does! He also tutored and dealt with me for a fucking MONTH. I learned so much from this guy, words can't describe how thankful I am to him. Some people may dislike him, but that's only because he can give crit, and he says what he honostly thinks.

happymouse: One thing I have to say- MSN DIGIMON BATTLES FTW!!

Comics By slipknot6SIC6

  • Fantasy |
  • 3 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
fuck you
  • Fantasy |
  • 11 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
Tai must decide if he should believe Celebi, save his friend Tyson, or fufill his dream. Enjoy

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Imagine a world in which your favorite manga and anime characters are all fighting against each other. In the world of Animania, an evil warlord takes control of the earth and tries to enslave all of humanity. Only the rebels can stop him now.

This comic no longer updates and all of it's page have been deleted.

Join May, a beginning trainer, and her two new friends, Hayley and Taylor, as they travel through the Kanto region in hopes of May fulfilling her dream of becoming a Pokemon Coordinator Master!

A thrilling story of an ambitious trainer and his non- Pokemon partner as they must save the Pokemon world from chaos.

no description

no description

no description

A half sprited and half drawn poke'mon comic. i wouldnt say its really good cos you people have to rate it. have fun, enjoy by glaxiluz


A comic with over 100 episodes that was first on a small forum but now it's here!

Join the adventures of Red presented to you by Professor Dolphin. Fun fun fun awaits *levels of fun may vary*


Ever wondered what would happen if Team Rocket actually took over the pokemon world? I havent't either. ;D I like men.

how to make a sprite comic that isn't an insult to our common humanity

Fred takes a turn for the worst when he ends up in the pokemon world. Really he has no idea whats happening but soon becomes the clueless hero. Remade in DD. Most strips in SJ.

Yoshi travelling to different worlds and getting into different kinds of trouble and adventures. :) Its certainly something to witness. Catch up with him and all who happen to cross his path. :)


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xVegitox at 12:05PM, July 10, 2010

I made a bigger banner, and a properly sized your comments banner as well. If you go on msn now we can finish it up

xVegitox at 9:15AM, July 10, 2010

Your new avatar is kickass.

XM0stLyGhOstLyX at 2:45PM, June 26, 2010

Hey, I know this is coming from nowhere... But.. Could you send me your cameo? I&#039;m trying to make a videogame (Via RPG Maker) and I wanted to use Custom sprites... Is that cool with you?

PKNESS at 1:51PM, June 26, 2010

Oh ur Toxicroak? It&#039;s doin purty good. Gave it sum Rare Candies, so it&#039;s level 40. :P

Brawllucas at 7:54PM, June 25, 2010

Are you upstairs or downstairs?

Brawllucas at 7:45PM, June 25, 2010

Btw, PKNESS is waiting for da trading with you.

Brawllucas at 7:43PM, June 25, 2010

I say old bean, wonderful game! :D

Brawllucas at 7:26PM, June 25, 2010

I&#039;ll be waiting in the room. :D

Brawllucas at 7:24PM, June 25, 2010

Ok, uts 1033 5304 6959

Brawllucas at 7:17PM, June 25, 2010


PKNESS at 7:13PM, June 25, 2010

Good game; I don&#039;t think you&#039;ll want anything I have, but here goes: Luxray, Misdreavous, Weavile, Espeon, Spiky-eared Pichu, and that&#039;s it for now.

PKNESS at 6:48PM, June 25, 2010

Ready when you are. I&#039;m just waiting in the room. :D

PKNESS at 6:38PM, June 25, 2010

Well I&#039;m in the wi-fi room whenever ur ready :D

PKNESS at 6:38PM, June 25, 2010

Wait, how can I get my friend code? :I

PKNESS at 6:36PM, June 25, 2010

Hope your ready to lose.

PKNESS at 6:28PM, June 25, 2010


xVegitox at 5:52PM, June 24, 2010

It was fun, thank you for the battles Slipknot. And the link for MSN Make a hotmail then use it to log on to MSN bla bla bla you can google the rest of the background info k? :D

xVegitox at 5:45PM, June 24, 2010

Don&#039;t worry about that I don&#039;t mind, you up for some more rounds?

xVegitox at 5:43PM, June 24, 2010

Wanna face another one of my teams? :D

xVegitox at 5:28PM, June 24, 2010

Arcanine is EV trained in Attack and Speed. Its of Adamant nature and I think it has max attack. But its off by like 4 for max speed. You let me set up 2 swords dances man, then I got a salac berry boost, from there I baton passed. Swordance raises your attack 2 stages, I sword danced twice raising my attack 4 stages. :O

xVegitox at 5:19PM, June 24, 2010

GG man but you&#039;re electivire is WAAAAY too suicidal! Wanna battle my other team?

xVegitox at 5:09PM, June 24, 2010

Please do and then add me :D

xVegitox at 5:04PM, June 24, 2010


xVegitox at 4:37PM, June 24, 2010

Lol now you can do whatever you want. I finished my last exam today, as soon as I finished I just went outside to chill with friends. :D We can battle now if you want.

xVegitox at 9:27AM, June 24, 2010

Good luck buddy! And also I&#039;m done my exams! I just finished my last one which was a cooking exam LMAO! OOOOH YEAAA SUMMER!!!

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