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Who: My name is Chris. I hate my full name.
What: I'm female lol
When: eh?
Where: Central Florida. That's all you get.

Ummm yep this is me…I love webcomics. If I'm not online, I'm probably doing research at school, or singing.

Currently: In school studying research chemistry.
Age: 21

Things I like: writing poems and stories, singing (obviously), yaoi, chemistry, cats, hugs, being alone, making sound effects, cuddling
Things I dislike: mean people, being nagged, being alone (wait, what?), hospitals

And I am going to poke you now. *pokes*

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This is a comic I started for my friends at lunch.never really was ment to be read by anyone else, but I'm really happy it became so popular~! Most of the stories are true, although they might be exaggerated. I have really odd friends... ^^;


This is a story about a little girl, Lila, and her life once she befriends two aliens.

Shounen ai/ Yaoi story Young Prince Vada's journey to fint answers and love in his life. How can he be happy when his tribe doesn't allow love or lust between men? Who is he to choose for his mate? And will he manage to save the elves from doom?

A mysterious, trippy, somewhat creepy, journey through the depths of Aude's mind, where the butterfly leads the way.

Mars couldn't believe it when his life long friend and crush asked him out. Naively entering into this relationship, he doesn't realize what is really going on. Can he handle the dark secret he is soon to find out. Oh yeah! Lots of yaoi-ness ensues!

{STORY \ Bruno Cotting {ILLUST \ Viviane {READING \ from left ---> to right [occidental] {GENRE \ Mystery, Thriller

The Light was the day when the stars overpowered the sun at dawn.Those who absorbed the rays were given great power,called the Blessed.They absorb remnants of power from Blessed Objects to evolve, but maddness and abuse ensues.Midori will kill her kind.

(Yaoi Comic) The story of Bo Moon and Sean Hunter; learn to let go of your past and embrace the future.

Sam has a gift with women. He oozes charm, and can get any girl into bed. Sam has everything he could want, but there's one problem - and his name is George! The two boys are drawn to each other, causing even heart-throb Sam to look within himself.. YAOI

Master is a yaoi comic about Nero a demon rock singer trying to rid himself of his loneliness, find love, and to get rid of a pesky "dragon" trhough his new lover Tokala. Homosexual relationships and MATURE CONTENT updates on weekends

Once every 100 years, Nemution will be formed into a jewel his sould searching for his eternal lover. Once merged they must both accept each other for a complete transformation. However, because the lover is unable to recognize and prepare ones body for the merge, they destroy each other and are once again parted for 100 years; till nemution rises again and his reborn eternal lover is called to him. After many years of separation, Nemution has once again found his eternal lover; a promise and a vow, forever kept. But a new torment awaits the eternal lover. YAOI/BL

no description

This is the Soccer Is Full Of Cheese Fancomic, created by the members of the SIFOC forums! You might want to read the original comic before you read these and for the best effect, join the SIFOC forum! Comic is completely unscripted.

Andy and his friends of various sexual orientations and levels of sanity live in a world where the line between the norm and the bizarre is fuzzy at best. But who can really define "normal", anyway?

no description


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marine at 2:23AM, May 12, 2007

hello thur

Aereis at 11:03AM, May 10, 2007

kewl thanks for the add! thanks for recommending gr too :D

Dom at 4:43AM, May 8, 2007

Yeah! Thanks for the friend add!

Nara_Nara at 1:27PM, May 3, 2007

w00t!!!! XD

Nara_Nara at 11:58AM, May 3, 2007


Rina_ran at 8:37AM, May 3, 2007

I see a yaoi fanatic! Cool cool...I plan on making a yaoi comic one of these days...years. >_> Thanks for adding me. ♥

Ryjia at 6:33AM, May 3, 2007

welcome ^^ and that's good :3

Nara_Nara at 3:28AM, May 3, 2007

me too!! yay!

Ryjia at 2:27AM, May 3, 2007

Thanks for the friend add! ^^ horrible past, eh? something I am familiar with... -_- I hope luck is on your (our) side from now on! :3 I agree with that singing/songs part. I really like cancer from my chemical romance, I was listening it a lot when my grandmother was dying.

Nara_Nara at 6:48PM, May 2, 2007

wheeeee! *dances*

Nara_Nara at 6:33PM, May 2, 2007

Love makes the gravitational field go round too!!!

Nara_Nara at 6:06PM, May 2, 2007

love makes the world go round

Nara_Nara at 4:42PM, May 2, 2007

aws that's okay!! I still love ya!

Nara_Nara at 4:14PM, May 2, 2007

alright!! *huff* 1...2...3..4...5072 whaaat???

Nara_Nara at 3:54PM, May 2, 2007


Nara_Nara at 2:55PM, May 2, 2007


Nara_Nara at 2:49PM, May 2, 2007

but I'm, alright!! *hops*

Nara_Nara at 2:04PM, May 2, 2007

omg! yaaay!!!....but that means I'll just have to work harder....damn

Nara_Nara at 4:51PM, May 1, 2007

^-^ have fun~! ^_~ and good luck!!

Nara_Nara at 4:04PM, May 1, 2007

heh, I guess...i don't really find mine....just kinda...stumble on 'em

Nara_Nara at 3:54PM, May 1, 2007

hee! definitly, XD I just change meh icon whenevers I feel like it ....O.o

Nara_Nara at 3:40PM, May 1, 2007

heeheee....I like meh new icon!! ^-^

Nara_Nara at 3:01PM, May 1, 2007


Nara_Nara at 2:46PM, May 1, 2007

and another!!! nuuuu!!! t3h gr33n!!! it BURN535 U5!!!!!!!!

Nara_Nara at 2:43PM, May 1, 2007

eh, good luck with that....O.o now for a random moment!!! shfvlasjhf

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